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John Abraham Tells MoEF: Ban Animal Circuses

Written by PETA

Posted 04-22-2013, 10:14 PM | 25 Comments

He pushed for enforcement of the ban on jallikattu and spoke out against Mumbai’s “dancing” monkeys. Now, John Abraham is urging the Ministry of Environment and Forests to help animals who are abused in India’s circuses. As a Bollywood actor, producer, and model, John chooses to perform – but the longtime PETA India supporter is quick to point out that animals who are held captive and used for human entertainment do not

John is appealing to Jayanthi Natarajan, the Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests, and is asking her to ban animal acts in circuses. And he didn’t mince words in describing the abuse that the animals suffer: “Unlike human performers, animals are forced to entertain through the use of fear, pain or hunger. Whips, clubs, hooks and other weapons are often used to inflict pain on elephants and other animals in order to force them to perform confusing tricks. Dogs are crammed into dirty cages, horses are kept tethered by short ropes, elephants are chained by their legs and regularly beaten in order to keep them docile, and birds’ wings are clipped, denying them flight. When the show is over, the animals are forced back into their cages or are shackled or tied, loaded onto lorries and taken to the next town. They never get a break from this endless cycle of abuse.”

It is already illegal for circuses to use bears, monkeys, tigers, panthers, lions, and bulls in their acts. But as John points out, “no animal – no matter the species – wants to be chained, caged, hit or psychologically abused.”

Join John in speaking out against the cruelty of the circus by writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper, organizing a demonstration when the circus is in your area, and requesting that local officials cancel performances. Also, send an e-mail to the Ministry now.

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  • Mitesh

    John is a vegetarian and almost a Vegan..

  • Atiye

    love animals!

  • Dave Wacksman

    The whole notion that animals are used for human entertainment is Unnatural. Animals are not ours for food, experimentation, entertainment, to use or abuse. There are over a dozen circuses that don’t use animals; these are one ones that people should support. People need to get the facts on how circus animals are cruelly mistreated and abused; then will support the non animal circuses

  • Adair Leonard

    No more circuses for me or my family as long as they continue to use and abuse animals.

  • Chander Kumar Soni

    my hero – john.

  • Rina Manek

    animals do not belong in circuses to amuse and entertain us ,
    they have God given right to live freely without being abused, chained or hit into submission.

  • Ramachandran

    I join John Abraham to ban animal acts in circus shows.

  • Judyjsalerno

    Abusing any animal is unacceptable. I love elephants, have all my life. Seing them abused or even hearing about the abuse cuts right through me. What will it take to make people stop hurting them? Can they be reached in time before they are all gone? I hope not. Let us save these precious innocent animals. Let us stop the killing

  • Rupa

    Why do humans show their power on those innocent animals. Shame on them.
    Wish this world could be free from animal cruelty and people turning to vegetarianism.

  • Vasan Ramasamy

    can’t imagine the torment they are going through
    pls have some sympathy on these pitiful animals and pls do the needful to ban the circuses

  • ವಾ

    There was a small column in a Mumbai local newspaper 5-6 years ago that John stopped his car when he noticed a man on the roadside hitting his dog for pooping in an inappropriate place, and gave him a short “lecture”. Now he’s raising the voice about circus animals. I wonder if he’s a veggie. Anyway, well done, John!



  • Desi Panis

    People are free to perform circus acts. Animals belong in the wild. The only circus act wilh animals acceptable, if any, is with dogs.

  • Namrata Bhattacharya

    please stop this animal cruelty

  • Vibha

    Please stop cruelty to the animals in circus

  • Manisha

    Please stop animal torture for human pleasure

  • Indira

    Stop the cruelty towards animals. They are living beings like us. We should not experiment with them. They have got life to live. Let them live happily with complete liberty.

  • Uaris Janbobekova

    Please ban animal acts in circuses!

  • JP

    Am with John on banning animal acts in circuses!

  • Manreet

    Plzzzz ban animal acts in circuses..thnku


    Please urge an action to stop animals being used and treated badly in circuses………

  • Priyamvadha Suresh

    I truly support this initiative.

  • Mayank

    great initiative by john..& peta .uses of animals in circus shld be banned & peoples shld boycott such events;ll dfntly decreases such evnt organsrs..!!

  • Gayathri Kurra

    please save the animal kind………….they have equal right to enjoy in this world along with us…………

  • Lagoon

    AWESOME!!! John is so kind…alaa re alaa Manya Surve alaa…animal abusers move away…John is here :)


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