‘Jism 2’ Team Calls for Horse-Carriage Ban

Posted on by PETA

On behalf of PETA India, Jism 2 writer Mahesh Bhatt; director Pooja Bhatt; lyric writer, music producer and background score composer Munish Makhija; co-producer Dino Morea; actors Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh; and music director Arko Pravo Mukerjee have fired off an urgent letter to Prithviraj Chavan, the chief minister of Maharashtra, urging him to immediately ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai.

In the letter,the Jism 2 team points out that the horses are forced to haul heavy loads and are driven beyond their capacity to the point of collapse. The team also explains that passengers, drivers and pedestrians are injured and sometimes killed when the carriages and horses are involved in accidents.

“Forcing horses to haul carriages in Mumbai is inherently cruel, as the horses routinely collapse from exhaustion”, reads the letter. “They’re also a traffic nuisance, and people have even died from accidents caused by horse-drawn carriages. It is high time to put horse carriages out to pasture – for good.”

The letter also explains that the Bombay High Court’s order to have non-governmental organisations bring ill and injured horses to the executive health officer’s notice and that the horses be given veterinary care before being pressed back into service is woefully inadequate. That’s because the horses will be forced to resume pulling heavy loads, only to fall ill or get injured again, and the cycle of suffering will continue. However, recently, it’s been shown that despite this order, inspections are not even being permitted. A team consisting of equine veterinarians from PETA India and Animal Rahat were harassed and stopped from conducting inspections of the horses used to haul carriages in Mumbai by the horse-carriage owners and drivers and their lawyer, despite holding written authorisation from the Animal Welfare Board of India, a statutory body under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, to conduct the inspection.

Please help urge the authorities to ban horse-drawn carriages by taking action now.