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Investigation Exposes Filthy Horse Stables in Mumbai

Written by PETA

Posted 07-25-2013, 04:11 PM | 33 Comments

PETA India has just released reports on its latest investigations of filthy and decrepit Mumbai stables for horses used to pull carriages in advance of the recent Bombay High Court hearing for the case, in which PETA and other non-governmental organisations are calling for a ban on Victorias in the city. Shocking photos reveal horses – some of whom are injured, sick or severely malnourished – who are forced to stand in their own urine and faeces on trash-strewn floors.

Malnourished horse

The inspection of Mumbai’s three biggest stables at Kamathipura, Nariman Point and PD Mello Road, near the Dargah – all of which are unlicensed – were conducted by Dr Avinash S Patil, senior veterinary officer of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai; Dr Manilal Valliyate, PETA India’s director of veterinary affairs and co-opted member of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI); Dr Chetan Yadav, clinical quality assurance manager of Animal Rahat, an organisation that offers relief to animals who are forced to work, and Sunil Havaldar, honorary animal welfare officer of the AWBI and senior animal welfare officer of Animal Rahat.


The following are just a few of the inspectors’ findings: 

  • Faeces and urine had accumulated on the stable floors, attracting flies, with drainage either absent or blocked.
  • Horses were tightly bound by their legs and heads, allowing them little to no movement, and forced to stand in their own waste on broken, uneven floors.
  • Feed troughs and mangers were also filthy and lacked fresh food.
  • The water kept in open plastic containers was muddy, contaminated and unfit for drinking.
  • Some horses were so malnourished that their bones were protruding. Others were injured and otherwise debilitated with a body condition score of “very thin”.
  • Conditions apparently violate The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960; hygiene and basic standards of animal housing and The Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, as the stables are not licensed by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. These stables were so atrocious that they present a threat to public health.

 Uneven flooring and filth

The horses’ suffering doesn’t end after they’re forced to pull heavy loads through Mumbai’s dangerous streets all day, including through monsoon rains. All they can look forward to at the end of a gruelling day of hard labour is being forced to wallow in filth in stables that don’t even have licenses to exist.

Please join Zeenat Aman, John Abraham, Hema Malini, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Rampal, Nargis Bagheri, and Sandip Soparrkar and Jesse Randhawa in opposing horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai.

You can help stop this cruelty. 

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  • Durdana Khan

    It is tragic how animals are abused the world over by us humans; the plight of working animals is horrific though out the third world… While in the more affluent countries of the world it appears that profit is a greater driving factor than than the needs of animals… But we must keep trying, and keep hoping the tides change quickly and our world becomes a kinder place… Bless you all.

  • Heidi Boehm

    Well you sure as Hell are not practicing what Gandhi Preached!!!!

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  • Louise


  • Paula T


  • Steph S

    Horrible & shame on anyone who views this as tolerable

  • Debz Jones


  • Nicholas Gysi

    End cruelty

  • Adair Leonard

    Please have compassion for animals. Stop the cruelty. They don’t serve it. They feel pain and suffer as much as any human being would.

  • Jeannette Marriott

    Action has to be taken by the government. How many more horses must suffer before something is done. No animal should suffer like this. Show the world that India has compassion and end this barbaric treatment.

  • Laura Biolcati

    Stop this violence, please.

  • Wendy

    These poor animals deserve something better than this.

  • Linda Phelan

    It is absolutely disgraceful that these animals are forced to endure these horrific conditions; it is flagrant abuse. This must be ended and these animals cared for….

  • Merle

    Absolutely horrific and I do hope that ‘someone’ in India will do the right thing and rescue these horses and/or make the owners start to respect them and thereby look after them better.

  • Pierre Chantelauze

    Doesn’t”ahimsa”apply to animals?

  • Sabita Patwardhan

    This shows the complete shits that humans are. Hope the bastards get the worst punishment of all but it still won’t make up for all animals already tortured.

  • Joan How

    I respectfully request that these horses are treated with respect and gratitude for the work they do. All animals have a right to welfare and concern for their conditions. It is essential that you rectify any wrongdoing that is taking place.

  • Hilde Swendgaard

    Seeing these animals being treated in such an appalling way is a shame on India.

  • Deepak Vohra

    I demand stop to horse drawn carriages or use of animals for work, or for recreation, or for circus, or for food

  • Chander Kumar Soni

    start loving animals.

  • Amy Iyer

    If animals cud also respond like humans, then we wont be able to rule like we do now. respect animals for what they are

  • Pascale

    Stop aux maltraitances sur les animaux.

  • Nina

    This must stop. People involved should be placed in these conditions for the rest for their lives.

  • Dipankar


  • Joseba Karlos Gonzalez

    who do that to animals deserve the same life

  • Dolly

    plz stop this inhuman practices.

  • Swathi

    show humanity

  • Raman

    Stop the cruelty against poor animals… Dey r creations of God juz like us…

  • Ravneet Kaur

    Please end their suffering and give them a better life………..

  • Rashmi

    This HAS to stop. How can animals be subjected to such torture ????

  • Lea Hodges

    This is completely unbelievable! People have no heart! You should not have animals, and you need to pay for your crimes. People need to be on these idiots all the time! They need to learn right from wrong and pay for their crimes!

  • Neeharika

    Hope they get a good place and recover!

  • Jay Dee

    STOP treating animals like shit.. They must be treated equally.. Every animal has right to live a proper good life..


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