Gulshan Grover Is a Hero to Homeless Animals

Posted on by PETA

Gulshan Grover might be Bollywood’s best-known villain, but to dogs and cats waiting for homes in animal shelters or struggling to survive on the streets, he’s a hero. Gulshan – along with five stunning Hollywood starlets and six adorable canine pals – has teamed up with PETA for an ad urging everyone to open their hearts and homes to an animal from the streets or a shelter.

While breeders and pet stores continue to bring more animals into a world that is tragically short on good homes, approximately 25 million homeless dogs face a daily struggle for survival on India’s streets. Many of them go hungry, are injured or killed in fights, are hit by vehicles or are abused by cruel people. Countless others wait behind bars in animal shelters for someone to adopt them.

“It is simply irresponsible for anyone to breed or buy animals when there are millions of homeless dogs and cats languishing on the streets and in animal shelters across India”, says Gulshan, who recently starred in comedy movie Bin Bulaye Baraati. “Every time someone buys a puppy or kitten from a breeder or pet store, a homeless animal loses his or her chance at finding a loving home.”

Like Gulshan, you can be a hero to animals by signing PETA’s pledge always to adopt your animal companions from a shelter or rescue them from the streets and always to have your animal companions sterilised.