Fireworks Are No Fun for Animals

Posted on by PETA

While firecrackers may seem fun and festive to us during celebrations, they are loud and terrifying for animals.

PETA Chief Executive Officer Poorva Joshipura helped a community dog who was so terrified of the firecrackers one evening that he leapt into her car. She coaxed the dog out, and he promptly followed her into her apartment building’s lift, walked straight to her door and bolted inside when she opened it. After a warm bath, food and a lot of comforting, the dog became much more relaxed. This little dog was lucky. Every year, countless animals become frightened, disoriented, lost and hurt during fireworks displays.

Wild animals, too, get frightened by firecrackers. Animal Rahat, a PETA-supported animal rescue organisation, was recently called to help a dazed bird who had become confused and frightened by firecrackers and wandered into traffic.

You can help by keeping your own animals inside and never setting off firecrackers, which might terrify animals who aren’t fortunate enough to have safe homes.