Diwali Is Fun Without Crackers!

Posted on by PETA

I enjoy Diwali more than any other festival. The best part about it is the lights and the family reunions, but for other living beings, Diwali firework celebrations can make it seem as if the heavens are falling.

This Diwali, keep our animal friends in mind, and pledge not to burn fire crackers. Every year countless animals disappear and many become disoriented and can’t find their way back home. For a safe and happy Diwali for you and your furry friends, follow these tips:

1. Keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are going off, and if possible, stay with them.
2. Close your windows and curtains and turn on a radio or TV to help drown out the noise.
3. Make sure that your animal companion is wearing a collar and an updated identification tag.
4. Make sure that people don’t throw firecrackers at animals. Ask your building’s security guard to be on the lookout for people who tie firecrackers to the tails of dogs and other animals, and report problems to the police.
5. Keep an eye out for lost companion animals and try to look after them until their homes can be found.
6. Instead of setting off dangerous, ear splitting fireworks, light up your house with diyas and lamps.

Happy Diwali, everyone!