Bullock Torture Devices Put on Display

Posted on by PETA

Animal Rahat – an organisation dedicated to helping animals who are forced to work – seized dozens of cruel devices used to whip and painfully restrain bullocks during the Chinchali fair and at sugar cane factories in Maharashtra. Among the shocking and gruesome-looking devices were sticks with rope used for whipping as well as razor-sharp wire and metal rods with protruding nails that are pushed into animals’ necks in order to restrain or control them.

The torture devices were displayed near the office of the Ministry of Environment and Forests in Delhi, where PETA India’s Director of Veterinary Affairs, Dr Manilal Valliyate, used them to call on the Ministry to pass the Animal Welfare Act, 2011, without delay.

The current Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, has minimal penalties for cruelty to animals. In the case of a first offence, the fine is 10 to 50 rupees. For second and subsequent offences, the penalty is a fine of 25 to 100 rupees and a maximum jail sentence of three months. However, it is expected that the Animal Welfare Act, 2011, will raise the penalty for cruelty to animals substantially. First offenders would face a fine of between Rs 10,000 and 25,000 or up to two years’ imprisonment or both. Subsequent offences would result in even harsher punishments.

Help bulls and other animals by urging the Ministry of Environment and Forests to pass the Animal Welfare Act, 2011.