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Bombay HC Directs Phase Out of Horse Carriages in Mumbai

Written by PETA

Posted 06-08-2015, 07:24 PM | 60 Comments

Today, PETA India can announce that the Bombay High Court directed that horse carriages be phased out in Mumbai within a year.  In its order, the Court deemed that the use of horse carriages in Mumbai is “completely illegal”. Read the full court order here.

 The victory follows many years of campaigning by PETA India, which intervened, along with People for Animals (PFA), in the Public Interest Litigation filed by Animals and Birds Charitable Trust (ABCT).


Ingrid Newkirk campaigning for horses in Mumbai

Previously, the Mumbai traffic police had restricted where and when the Victorias could be used in the city, but the numerous challans issued by the traffic police for violations over just a few months revealed the ineffectiveness of the partial ban.

PETA provided the court with evidence of cruelty to horses from its numerous investigations  of Mumbai’s horse-drawn Victoria industry, information about exhausted horses collapsing, and becoming victims of traffic accidents. These reports revealed that the horses were often injured, sick or severely malnourished and that they were forced to stand amidst their own waste in filthy and decrepit stables. Reports further revealed that the horses were frequently denied adequate rest, water and veterinary care.

Horse that fainted for 20 mins due to exhaustion on Marine Drive. PHOTO BY MID DAY

The court’s decision is supported by numerous celebrities, including Anushka Sharma, Arjun Rampal, Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini, Mahesh Bhatt, John Abraham, Pooja Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sunny Leone, Dino Morea and choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and his supermodel wife, Jesse Randhawa, as well as many others who took to Twitter, met with concerned government officials or helped in other ways to rid Mumbai of horse-drawn Victorias. Thousands of people also took part in PETA’s online campaign to call for the ban.



This rescued horse who now lives at the Animal Rahat ( sanctuary was formerly used to haul carriages in Mumbai.

M/s K Ashar & Co Advocates & Solicitors were the advocates on record for PETA, and the group was represented in the matter by Senior Counsel Jayaprakash Sen. PFA were represented by Senior Counsel Shiraz Rustomjee while ABCT were represented by Advocate Firoz Bharucha.

Keep checking this blog for more updates on this case.

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  • Bridget Palecek

    Thank you Peta for bringing the cruelty of horse drawn carriages to our attention and posting a petition so we can all partake in banning this cruelty. I hope that one day
    you will be able to tell us that we have seen the last of horse drawn carriages along side cars and motor traffic.

  • Koustav Goswami

    plz do something about the same thing in Kolkata :(

  • Reshma

    It was truly a victory for the hapless animal to be banned in thencarriages in Bombay. Thank you PETA for the intervention and fight.

  • Sally Anne Hubbard

    I am so happy to hear this. The people of India are very compassionate. Thank you so much India. I hope the rest of the world follows your kind lead.

  • Gautam Chakraborti (@gautamchakrabti)

    It’s a great initiative and a landmark decision. The only fear that still lurks from it all is, will the poor creatures be rehabilitated once they are ‘relieved’ ? I am sure PETA is aware that horse-driven carriages , an old-world icon , can still be found on the streets of many other major cities, including Calcutta (Kolkata) . Most of these horses are ill-fed, and on a scorching day when the asphalt steams, the sight in front of the Victoria Memorial is pitiable. I only hope that literally the cart doesn’t come before the horse. and if the age-old practice has to go, every horse owner is compensated beforehand and the animals are taken into safe custody. Or else, the move will bring more untold misery to these beautiful beasts serving man silently through centuries.

    • PETA

      Hi Gautam, Thanks for writing to us. The court has directed the Mumbai gov’t to come up with a rehab scheme.

  • T here is no excuse for animal cruelty please let’s put an end these horse drawn carriages!

  • Kalyn

    There is no justification for supporting such blatant cruelty. Please stop using or supporting horse carriages. Thank you

  • Pam Evely

    Good news for the ones that are retired. Just hope they will all find a home. This will have to be followed up and don’t allow any backsliding.

  • Ca suffit ! les touristes n’ont cas se déplacer à pied ou avec des cyclos, au passage ça les ferra maigrir du derriere

  • Wendy Ward

    Good for you. Should be banned everywhere.

  • Lana Scott

    horrible treatment of the horses.

  • Ravi Tej K V

    Great Work PETA

  • Anais Djanani

    I am French and I have been to Pakistan it’s completely the same than India please peta go to Pakistan and try to solve some situations unbearable there skinny donkeys horses ect ect and beaten very hard to work

  • Carolyne Tivey

    all cruelty needs to be stopped

  • Shailesh Patil

    jab tak manavjati jati ke liye koi bhi pashu-pakshi prajati upukta rahegi tab tak manusha usi prajati ko bachata rahega.isliye aap se anurodh hai ki animal use ko ban lagwanese pahelay 1000 bar sochay.warna wo prajati nasht ho jayegi.

  • Radhakrishnan

    This was a job well done. I hope, one day we humans will have the common sense to let the animals live their lives as it was meant to be. In the early days when there was no other way of transportation we used horses and donkeys. Why now?

  • Sandra Thompson

    Thank You again PETA for caring for these animals, it’s nice to see a happy ending, these horses need to be taken off the streets. Thank You for all you do.

  • Carole Sullivan

    Thank you PETA for standing up for these horses

  • Malay

    Its very nice to see you people working so hard to end the atrocities against animals and words will fall short if i will begin to describe your works.I pray to god to give every people in world a kind and generous heart like yours.

  • David

    Great Job PETA. I’m so happy to see such a verdict by the Mumbai High Court.It’ll be really helpful if something can be done in Delhi as well.It’s very sad that horses are used to carry goods and vegetables around.Please help.

  • Yashika

    We should not take anybody for granted Animals dont have a voice, that doesn’t mean that you can torture them. Great news peta. :))

  • Sourav Sharma

    Animals r nature beautifull creations,they hv same right to live freely.If animals are happy nature wl be happy.

  • Juliet

    So great. Am very happy to read this. Hopefully other countries and cities follow your example. Although there is nothing wrong with a carriage as long as the animals are treated well and get enough rest and food and a good place to stay.

  • Katrina

    Wonderful news. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen.

  • Rao

    Good job, salute to PETA for all things they do. Proud to have such people who cares for animal. Hey..!! PETA anything you can do for five legged COW.. Yes the cow which street people use to beg money in the name of holy cow. What a stupidity, do they have five legged from birth?? i don’t think, please do something in this matter and don’t let people to manually append fifth leg to cow body , just for there own benefits .. plz peta do something.

    • PETA

      Hi Rao, Please write to us at with more details and we will look into it.

  • Prasad

    Good verdict by court..

  • Danuta Watola

    Stop abusing animals

  • Himesh

    Will this order be implemented across the whole of Mumbai city, including suburbs? It will be good to see the carriages banned in the suburbs as well. Also, how will the animals be rehabilitated? I am sure the cunning owners will have excuses for not honoring the ban and the local politicians will support them. If they are so concerned about EARNING a LIVELIHOOD for themselves why DON’T they work themselves, rather than making THE MUTE ANIMALS work for them? PETA Your guidance will be greatly appreciated!

  • end all cruel horse carriages now.

  • Stop! To je grozljivka kako so hudobni ljudje, ljudje so cisto znoreli!

  • Heli Juarez

    Stop this crueldad

  • Liaudat Claudia

    please respect animals

  • Cheryl

    This is an outrage! Animals should not be treated like this! Please stop! Put yourself in their place and see how you like it!

  • Elena

    Help animals

  • Myriam

    Stop of this ANIMALS BORN TO BE FREE

  • Ashish Devvanshi

    Why only in mumbai.Why not evrey where

    • PETA

      Hi Ashish, You can start a campaign in your city by joining locan NGO and fight of the cause. Please write to us at for any further help.

  • Vijay Chary

    Ingrid ! :-) You are one amazing human ! God Bless you !


  • Anuradha

    Similar horse carriages exist in Kolkata also… They can be easily spotted opposite the entrance gate of Victoria Memorial. Let’s work towards freeing those horses as well!!!!!

  • Thank you!

    These carriages need to be banned from my city Calcutta too!!

  • Lidia

    ENHORABUENA!!!!!! Hace falta PETA en España para que terminen con todas las fiestas que se usan toros!

    Gracias PETA y gracias INDIA por es sabia e inteligente decisión!!!!

  • Sareh Es

    Stop abusing animals

  • Sheila

    Brilliant job now please keep going and stop this cruelty everywhere.

  • ManT

    A good verdict by the Bombay High Court! Please implement the same in cities like Thane and Vashi where this still prevails. Every day and specially during weekend its crazy near Talaopali area of Thane – hordes of Victoria can be seen which is used for fun purpose only – not to mention the arrogance and rudeness of these drivers to people walking on the streets!
    Please do something about Thane as well – much appreciate it!

  • Aastha

    Hey guys, great work, this was sorely needed.

    Also, just to let you know that the link to the full order of the court is currently leading to another PETA article.


  • Nik

    you rock Bombay High Court!!

  • Aamir

    I am in favor of banning horse carriages but in the process don’t forget the Victoria drivers and their livelihood. If they could afford it they wouldn’t treat the animal like this but they themselves are struggling.

  • Aparajita Maitra

    Grt job by animal rahat..

  • Hinal

    Stop abusing animals… they have the equal right to live as much as humans have

  • Ronit

    Its still running here in Kolkata, ban this thing in Kolkata also, that will be grateful


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