Animal Sacrifice is a Hideous Ritual That Must Stop!

Posted on by PETA

SAS%20logo%20Large.jpgIn an online discussion on animal sacrifice, some people on Facebook argued that animal sacrifice is justified because it has been a part of our culture. Do we even remember what culture is?

Indian culture is defined by its values of kindness, not by cruel and outdated practices.Ancient Greeks used to believe that they could please their Gods by sacrificing animals. This hideous ritual started because humans thought it was the most convenient way to repay for their sins. The irony of this belief is that how can we get good ‘karma’ through supporting a cruel action? Have we forgotten that killing is a sin?

The shocking news is that in Nepal last year 250,000 animals were sacrificed at the Gadhimai mela and seventy percent of the devotees who attended the festival were Indians. This hideous ritual cannot be justified at all. The great Godess Gadhimai symbolizes power and strength, so do devotees mock her by slaughtering innocent defenseless animals? It’s time we stood up against this outdated cruelty to animals. We urge you not to patronize animal sacrifice.

Please visit our friends at to learn what you can do to stop this hideous ritual. To show your might and strength by helping animals, join the petaDishoom Street Team.