Animal Rahat Saved Donkeys From Tetanus

Posted on by PETA

Thanks to the caring people in Sangli, Maharashtra, Animal Rahat veterinarians were able to vaccinate 75 donkeys to protect them from tetanus, an acute and often fatal infection of the nervous system. The animals are forced to haul bricks at a brick kiln in Ankli. Recently, three animals at the facility died of tetanus and had to suffer through painful muscle spasms. Tetanus causes many donkeys to become so weak that they cannot eat or drink, and some cannot even stand. The people who work at the brick kiln – natives of Aurangabad – contacted Animal Rahat for help.

When the veterinarians explained that all donkeys need tetanus vaccinations – along with follow-up booster shots – all the donkey owners in the brick-kiln chipped in and raised enough money to vaccinate the 75 donkeys.

In the past two months, Animal Rahat has treated more than 150 donkeys in Sangli alone, but there are many other sick, injured and exhausted donkeys, horses and bullocks in Sangli who still need help.

Working equines (horses, donkeys, etc) are highly prone to tetanus. It costs less than 20 rupees (half a US dollar) to vaccinate a donkey or a horse. Kind-hearted people can help equines by contributing to Animal Rahat.