An Animal-Free Circus

Posted on by PETA

Calling all fans of guilt-free fun! In celebration of the Fifth World Circus Day, Rambo Circus is putting on an animal-free show at the famous Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai, from April 18 to 20.

Even though Rambo Circus still uses animals elsewhere, a practice we are working to stop, the show at the Prithvi Theatre will be animal-free. Instead of the usual circus scene featuring depressed animals being forced to jump through hoops, attendees will be dazzled by the daring tricks that our own species can do voluntarily – without being threatened with whips or spiked chains.

Human performers know how to fly high and earn audiences’ respect with their natural talent – for proof, just look at the popularity of Cirque du Soleil’s gravity-defying acrobatics and otherworldly talent.

Rambo Circus’ all-human performance is an important step in the right direction and one that we should support. As you might remember, Rambo Circus was one of 16 circuses that PETA and Animal Rahat recently investigated for abusing animals. Cruel practices were rampant at these circuses, including beatings with metal-spiked weapons, constant caging and tethering, inadequate food and water and a lack of veterinary care. The Central Zoo Authority and the Animal Welfare Board of India have recently issued “show cause” notices to circus owners as a result of these findings.

Kind people don’t support that kind of cruelty. By choosing to go to circuses that don’t use animals, we can show the circus world that suffering isn’t funny and that audiences prefer to be entertained by willing human performers.

Show your support by going to see Rambo Circus’ animal-free show and signing our petition to ban the use of animals in circuses, as Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Greece have already done.