Kareena Kapoor Is a Hotty!

Posted on by PETA

??Today I feel like walking down memory lane and sharing some interesting information with you in case you don’t already know: In 2008 Bebo was voted by visitors to PETAIndia.org the Hottest Vegetarian Alive. We suspect Kareena Kapoor’s compassionate diet is part of her secret for her flawless skin and figure. If you’re still eating animals, why not take Kareena’s lead and go veg? Going veg will do wonders for your skin and figure too! In fact, leading health experts agree that leaving meat out of our diets is the single-best thing we can do for our health.

People who don’t eat meat have a greater chance of a lifetime of good health and protection against numerous diseases like heart disease, cancer, and stroke. If you still aren’t convinced, check this out.