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  • The Oscars' Vegan Menu Options

    Written by PETA

    Congratulations to vegan hottie Jared Leto for winning an Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club! He is super-talented, way cute and really influential. Because of vegan celebrities such as Jared, Joaquin Phoenix, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, there were vegan options at the Governors Ball – the Oscars' after-party – in Los Angeles. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck reportedly prepared risotto with black truffles as well as rice noodles with vegetables and other delicacies that vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike could enjoy.

    Since so many stars have gone vegan – to help animals, improve their health and protect the environment – it's no wonder that vegan foods are appearing on every menu.

    Of course, we "ordinary folks" can feast on great-tasting vegan food, too. Order a free vegan/vegetarian starter kit to get more information about animal-friendly stars and award-worthy vegan recipes.



  • 10 Vegans on the Red Carpet

    Written by PETA

    Oscar frenzy was at its height as this year’s Academy Awards took place last Sunday. But amid all the gossip and dress speculation, what we really looked forward to was seeing some of our favourite compassionate stars step out on the red carpet to show off their vegan “glow”.

    These are a few of the beautiful, talented Hollywood vegans we’ve watched out for:

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen took centre stage at this year’s awards – she hosted them! The much-loved talk-show star has been cruelty-free for years and even had a vegan wedding.

    Jared Leto

    Winning Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, the heartthrob has 20 years of animal-free eating behind him!

    Joaquin Phoenix

    Compassionate Joaquin is the star of Best Original Screenplay winning Her as well as some hard-hitting PETA videos!

    Olivia Wilde

    Gorgeous Olivia, who stars alongside Joaquin in Her, already has one coveted award to boast about – in 2010, she was named PETA US’ Sexiest Vegetarian Celeb!

    Jessica Chastain

    Jessica, who’s had two Oscar nominations to date, said of her vegan diet: “I don’t want to torture anything. … [I]t’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world”.

    Anne Hathaway

    Anne, who walked away with the Best Supporting Actress Award in 2013, even had custom vegan high heels made for the big night.

    James Cameron

    The visionary Avatar director and multiple Oscar winner is a passionate advocate for a plant-based diet, telling fans, “By changing what you eat, you will change the entire contract between the human species and the natural world”.

    Casey Affleck

    Compassionate cutie Casey refuses to let dead animal flesh pass his lips and has teamed up with PETA US to speak out against practices such as cruel dehorning.

    Natalie Portman

    The award-winning Black Swan beauty eschews meat, eggs and dairy products because torturing animals is “just wrong”.

    Tobey Maguire

    That’s right – Spiderman is vegan! The star reportedly likes to have his own vegan chef on set while filming and even sent back a Mercedes because it had leather seats.

    Inspired to follow in these stars’ award-winning footsteps? Get started on a plant-based diet today.










  • Cheap Vegan Eats on Almost Every Corner

    Written by PETA

    If you're looking for some tasty – and inexpensive – vegan eats, you probably won't have to go further than the local street vendor. The following are some of PETA Youth's favourite pocket- and animal-friendly street foods:

    • Pani Puri: You can get six savoury pieces of this spicy summertime snack, made with crisp semolina puris, sprouts and deliciously spiced water, for just Rs 30.

    • Mirchi Ka Pakoda: These spicy green chilli fritters cost only about Rs 20 for four pieces. They're especially tasty with mint-coriander chutney. 

    • Ice Gola: Cool your mouth down after eating green chilli fritters with a refreshing snow cone, typically available in kala khatta, rose or orange, for around only Rs 25.

    • Vegetarian Sandwich: We can never get enough of this simple sandwich with schezwan sauce and green chutney. Thankfully, we never have to since it costs only about Rs 20.

    • Samosa: Stuffed with savoury potatoes and peas, samosas are popular all across the globe – but you can get them on most every street corner in India for just Rs 10 a piece. 

    And remember, before you buy, just ask the vendor to make your tasty treat without butter or ghee or else make sure that it's already made that way. Mmmm. My mouth is watering already. How about yours? Perhaps we'll run into each other at a nearby street cart, because I'm heading out for a snack!

  • 14 Facts About PETA as We Turn 14

    Written by PETA

    PETA India is now 14! We saw some great victories for animals during our first year as a teenager, and the next year is going to be even better. In celebration of our 14 years of defending the rights of animals, the following are 14 cool things that you may not know about PETA India:

    1. Our office is run by animals. Our adopted cat Soya calls the shots, aided by his feline partner in crime, Novu. They've assigned our adopted dog Mehboob to be the official greeter.

    2. Our staffers are also volunteers. Cruelty to animals doesn't stop at 6 pm, so after work, PETA India staffers can be found rescuing animals, handing out pamphlets and participating in demonstrations.

    3. We steal each other's recipes. We love to eat, so we hold regular vegan potlucks to try each other's best dishes and snatch up our favourite recipes.

    4. We respond to emergencies 24/7. Our emergency hotline enables us to take calls about animals who are in danger at any time, day or night.

    5. Bullocks and other animals who have been forced to work get their very own help squad. Animal Rahat, our sister organisation, provides former working animals with veterinary care, food, water and rest.

    6. Our list of celebrity supporters reads like an A-list awards show. Everyone agrees that cruelty to animals is wrong, and celebrities are no exception. That's why many of them, including Jacqueline Fernandez, Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin and Lara Dutta want to work with us.

    7. Our CEO, Poorva Joshipura, the woman who keeps PETA India going, got her start in animal rights as an intern at PETA US. Another great reason to intern with PETA: you never know where it may take you!

    8. Our volunteers rock! And they are a big part of the reason why we can be a presence at so many different college festivals, concerts and other places in order to help make sure that people hear the message of animal welfare.

    9. We work with the government to bring about policy changes and other positive outcomes for animals. PETA India staffers can regularly be found at government offices throughout the country, pushing for stronger laws, enforcement of existing laws to protect animals and new lifesaving initiatives.

    10.  We're teaching millions of school children to respect animals. Our humane-education programme, Compassionate Citizen, has been promoted by the Animal Welfare Board of India and is endorsed by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

    11.  We like to party! When we have a big victory for animals, we often celebrate with a vegan cake!

    12.  Our hard-hitting investigations are winning victories and vegans. Just take a look at our meat-industry exposé "Glass Walls", and you'll see why people who watch it never want to touch meat again.

    13.  Thanks to our website and our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, hundreds of thousands of people take action for animals online to help animals.

    14.  Our work days can involve conducting undercover investigations, doing all sorts of eye-catching demonstrations and setting up information tables on campuses. Sure, we have to spend plenty of time at our desks setting up action alerts to help animals, garnering support from politicians and contacting people to help us raise funds. But a huge part of what we do is working with activists to get a message of compassion out to the community.

    Want to know one more cool thing about PETA India? We're giving you a gift for our birthday! Click here to order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit and get on the road towards helping animals today.

  • Vidyut and Kangana Crowned Hottest Vegetarians of 2013

    Written by PETA

    PETA India's Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2013 contest was fierce, as early leaders Jacqueline Fernandez and Shahid Kapoor as well as Amitabh Bachchan, R Madhavan, Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan put up a real fight. But now, after thousands of votes were cast to help PETA India choose the winners, the results are in, and Bullett Raja hottie Vidyut Jammwal and Krrish 3 star Kangana Ranaut have taken top honours.

    Vidyut recently appeared in a PETA ad promoting the health benefits of vegetarian foods. He says, "I believe that everybody should be [vegetarian] because it has a lot of benefits. Being a vegetarian keeps you very agile, keeps you on the toes and doesn't make you feel lazy. I personally believe that being vegetarian is the way because I have felt the changes – I have seen myself evolve as a human being, mentally as well as physically". And Kangana, who recently went vegetarian, says, "We must not eat other animals. Besides, vegetarian organic food is far more healthy minus all the toxins".

    In addition to causing animal suffering on a massive scale, eating meat and dairy products has been conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and obesity. And a United Nations report concluded that a global shift towards a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

    Congratulations, Vidyut and Kangana! If you want to join them and countless others in going vegetarian or vegan, take the 30-day pledge to explore a plant-based diet and order our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit to help you along.

    PETA selected the winners by taking into account several factors, including vote count.

  • Hottest Vegetarian Celebs of 2013 … So Far

    Written by PETA

    Actors Shahid Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez are frontrunners for the title of PETA India's Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2013. Shortly after the poll was posted, both stars started raking in the votes. Hot on their heels in the contest are Vidyut Jammwal, Amitabh Bachchan, Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan.

    Fernandez first made an impression around the world when she was crowned Miss Universe Sri Lanka. She then shot an ad for PETA calling for a ban on horse-drawn carriages. Recently, she met the Mayor of Mumbai to ask him to shut down unlicensed horse stables. Fernandez went vegetarian last year, and this year, she went vegan during Lent. And Kapoor – who was named PETA Asia-Pacific's Sexiest Vegetarian Man 2011 and PETA India's Sexiest Vegetarian in 2009 – starred in a sizzling ad campaign for PETA India that read, "Chicks Love a Vegetarian".

    In addition to causing animal suffering on a massive scale, eating meat and dairy products has been conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and obesity. And a recent United Nations report concluded that a global shift towards a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

    PETA India will announce the winners – who will be selected based on several factors, including vote count – in January. Get in your vote today.

  • Sangram Singh Talks to PETA

    Written by PETA

    Bigg Boss contestant and professional wrestler Sangram Singh appeared in a new video for PETA India's pro-vegetarian campaign just before entering the Bigg Boss house.

    Watch Singh's exclusive video to find out how his vegetarian diet helped him overcome challenges and evolve into the wrestling star that he is today.

    Going vegetarian saves the lives of animals, and vegetarians are less likely to be afflicted with leading killers, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer – all of which are major health problems in India. And raising animals for food is a leading cause of water pollution, land degradation and the greenhouse-gas emissions responsible for climate change.

    Write to today to order your free copy of PETA's vegetarian/vegan starter kit, which is packed full of easy recipes to help you get started, tips on making the switch to being meat-free and more.

  • 'Tathaastu' Magazine Celebrates Lara Dutta

    Written by PETA

    A lot of Miss Universe contestants say that they want world peace, but how many work towards it every single day? Former Miss Universe Lara Dutta, for one, is doing her part. She maintains, "Even seemingly small choices can have a big impact on our health, our community and the world around us". So she does yoga regularly and never eats animals because she refuses to support the violent meat industry. "Going vegetarian", Lara says, "is one of the easiest ways to improve our health, help countless animals and protect the Earth".

    Tathaastu magazine, which is devoted to meditation, holistic healing and serenity, took notice of the Bollywood star's peaceful lifestyle and featured her full-page PETA ad in its September-October issue free of charge, thereby promoting cruelty-free vegetarian eating to its many readers.

    Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Anyone who wishes to see more peace in the world can simply stop buying the flesh of animals who were cruelly tormented on factory farms and painfully slaughtered

    Tathaastu also featured an article by Benazir Suraiya, PETA India's lead media and celebrity coordinator, about Lara Dutta and other celebrities who are vegetarian.

  • The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet

    Written by PETA

    As more people embrace vegan eating, they're discovering how common kitchen staples, including coconut oil, bananas, baking powder – and even diet soda! – can be used to replace eggs in their favourite recipes. Most substitutions are a cinch: for example, instead of cows' milk, just use an equal amount of soya or almond milk. Buttermilk? Add a little lemon juice to your non-dairy milk. Baking powder combined with vinegar is a tried-and-true egg substitute that helps to bind ingredients and make cakes rise. As a bonus, when you use vegan options instead of raw eggs in recipes, you can sneak a bite of cookie dough or lick the spoon without fear of salmonella poisoning! Ready to get started? Save a copy of PETA's Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet and begin baking with compassion:

    Click image to enlarge. 

    Get the printer-friendly version here!

    Now that you've got all the resources you need, why not pledge to go vegan? Send an e-mail to, and we'll rush you a free copy of PETA's vegetarian/vegan starter kit

  • GROSS: Are YOU Eating Someone's Period?

    Written by PETA

    Are you eating someone's period? If you eat eggs, you are.

    Female chickens have a menstrual cycle that can recur daily during certain times of the year. Like women, hens have ovaries. During a hen's cycle, an ovary sends a yolk on its path. The yolk forms what we know as an "egg white" as it moves through the reproductive tract into the shell gland. The shell takes about 21 hours to form and then – "Cluck!" – out pops an egg! These are the eggs that make it onto store shelves and into frying pans.

    Not only is eating a chicken's period just plain gross, it's also cruel. On factory farms, chickens are shoved into tiny wire "battery cages" and have large portions of their beaks cut off. They are crammed so close together that they are forced to urinate and defecate on one another. Many birds die, and the survivors are often forced to live with their dead and dying cage mates. Male chicks are considered worthless, so every year, millions of them are killed. They may be tossed into trash bags and left to suffocate or thrown into high-speed grinders while they are still alive!

    Spread the word that eggs are chicken periods by sharing this ad with everyone you know, and pledge to go vegan! 

  • For Strong Bones, Break Your Dairy Addiction

    Written by PETA

    World Osteoporosis Day, 20 October, is a good time to bone up on osteoporosis and take steps to reduce your risk for broken bones and fractures. But before you race to the store to buy cows' milk, know that osteoporosis is not generally caused by inadequate calcium intake but rather by rapid calcium loss. If you want to build and maintain strong bones, dumping dairy products and eating a wholesome vegan diet is a good place to start.

    Dairy products contain a significant amount of protein and sodium, and studies suggest that not only does dairy consumption not reduce osteoporotic bone loss, it also might even contribute to it. A 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women found that those who drank milk three times a day actually broke more bones than did women who rarely drank milk.

    People living in countries with the lowest calcium intake rates tend to have fewer fractures than do those living in countries with higher rates. This is likely because the countries with high calcium intake rates also tend to have high protein intake rates from consuming large amounts of meat and dairy products.

    But because vegans don't consume the excessive protein found in meat, eggs and dairy products, they are able to process calcium more efficiently than meat-eaters can. And vegans tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, which help stave off osteoporosis because they contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K and other nutrients needed for healthy bones. 

    Leafy greens, beans, almonds, broccoli, butternut squash, figs, oats, seeds, soya and tahini (a Mediterranean sesame paste) are especially good sources of calcium and other essential nutrients.

    Vitamin D, which helps the body use calcium, isn't naturally present in many foods, but it is added to some common foods. You can get vitamin D—without the fat and cholesterol found in cows' milk—from fortified soya and rice milks, orange juice and cereals as well as from supplements and, of course, sunshine. 

    If you exercise, refrain from smoking, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and cut salt, meat, cheese and cows' milk out of your diet, you can reduce your risk for osteoporosis. Weaning yourself from dairy products will also help animals and the environment.

    By Bhuvaneshwari Gupta, nutritionist


  • Get Curried Away for Durga Puja

    Written by PETA

    If there's anything we love more than food, it's a celebration. And when festivities involve food, well, that's just the icing on the vegan cake. So of course, we're all pumped about Durga Puja. Unfortunately, our finned friends aren't so enthused, because many people cook dishes made of fish for the holiday. If you prefer your festivities without fatalities, read on for a fabulous faux-fish recipe from the mum of Neha Singh, our youth outreach adviser. We used Sunshine brand faux fish for this recipe, and you can find it in these stores.

    Neha's Mum's Faux-Fish Curry
    1 pkg (380 g) Sunshine Veg Black Pomfret , defrosted and cut into 2-inch pieces (or the same amount of any other kind of vegan faux fish)
    Oil, for frying
    1/2 tsp fennel seeds
    1/2 tsp rice seeds
    1/2 tsp mustard seeds
    1/2 tsp cumin seeds
    1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
    1 medium onion, chopped
    1 medium tomato, chopped
    5–7 cloves garlic, minced
    1-inch piece ginger
    1/4 tsp turmeric seeds
    1/4 tsp coriander powder
    Red chili powder, to taste
    Salt, to taste
    1/2 cup water, plus more as needed
    1/2  tsp fenugreek powder

    • Fry the faux fish in a small amount of oil in a nonstick pan on medium heat, then remove from the pan and set aside.
    • In the same pan, combine the fennel seeds, rice seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds. Fry until the mixture begins to crackle.
    • Mix the onion, tomato, garlic and ginger to form a paste and add to the crackling spices. Cook, stirring constantly, for 3 to 4 minutes. Add the turmeric seeds, coriander powder and red chili powder and stir until the mixture turns dark red.
    • Add the salt and 1/2 cup of water and boil until the water reduces to the desired consistency. Add the faux fish and cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
    • Sprinkle with fenugreek powder and cook for 2 more minutes. If needed, add more water to adjust the consistency.

    Makes 4 servings

    Check out more tasty Durga Puja recipes here.

  • Nine-Day Countdown to Going VEGAN

    Written by PETA

    What's up, people? Have you been thinking about going vegan? Why not take a pledge to do just that this Navratri? Not only will you be helping animals by doing so, you'll also have more energy to dance through the night. PETA is here to help, and we've put together a nine-day plan for going vegan for you and your friends who are not yet vegan. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

    Day 1: What's wrong with milk?
    Watch this video to learn what happens to animals used for their milk.

    Day 2: What's wrong with eggs?
    Eggs are about as vegetarian as chicken tikka or a mutton burger (in other words, not vegetarian at all!). If someone told you that eggs were vegetarian, maybe you should ask if they also think the world is flat. Male chicks are killed shortly after birth because they can't produce eggs and are too small to be profitably raised and killed for their flesh – and that's definitely not vegetarian!

    Day 3: Don't wear a cow!
    Leather is not a fabric; it is the stolen skin of an animal who was killed. There are so many cool non-leather styles available that wearing an animal's skin is definitely uncool! Check out what Pamela Anderson has to say about the cruel skins trade.

    Day 4: Are you ready to take the challenge?
    If you haven't already, try soya milk and delicious sorbets and petha! They're all vegan! Believe me: going vegan is the best thing that you can do for yourself, animals and the planet.

    Day 5: Make a vegan meal.
    Most of the food that you get during Navratri is vegan anyway, but if you want to make something special from our recipes database, please do – and don't forget to let us know how the dish turned out.

    Day 6: Take a close look at your cosmetics.
    You may be surprised to find out that thousands of animals might be poisoned and killed for your favourite brand of lipstick or shampoo. Browse through the list of companies that do and don't test on animals and pledge to use only cruelty-free cosmetics.

    Day 7: Silk is cruel.
    Even small animals matter. To produce just 100 grams of silk, approximately 1,500 silkworms are killed. If you had ever visited a silk production farm, you'd never want to wear a silk sari or a silk dhoti again. Use faux silk or other non-animal materials instead.

    Day 8: Still not convinced?
    If you're still not convinced that going vegan is the right thing to do, just watch this.

    Day 9: Vegan Day!
    We hope you agree that with these tips, you can be vegan by the last day of Navratri and help others go vegan, too. Talk to at least two people about going vegan and become a true superhero for animals!

    Happy Navratri!

  • British MPs Go Vegan for Gandhiji

    Written by PETA

    On 2 October, we celebrate the birth of one of the greatest practitioners of nonviolence in all of history, Mahatma Gandhi. To mark this occasion, the UN has declared 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence, a day dedicated to working to "disseminate the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness".

    On top of that, it is World Day for Farmed Animals, an opportunity to recognise the suffering of the 60 billion terrified land animals who are killed for meat around the globe, often crammed into spaces so small that they can hardly move before they are slaughtered – all for nothing more than a fleeting taste of their flesh. What's more, billions of sea animals are dragged into an atmosphere in which they cannot breathe and are hooked, mutilated, boiled or crushed while still alive.

    Gandhi taught that non-violence begins with what we eat. He famously said, "I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man". And in his total commitment to non-violence, Gandhi always included animals, stating, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

    Remarks MP Maneka Gandhi, "The best way for individuals, government offices and businesses to honour Mahatma Gandhi's birthday is by not eating meat or dairy on the International Day of Non-Violence.Mahatma Gandhi's legacy of peace and compassion for all living beings is not just a message of ahimsa but an economic and ecological necessity. Please pledging to eat and serve only animal-free food on 2 October".

    So PETA UK asked British MPs to do just that.

    Compassionate members of the UK Parliament, including the former British Olympics Minister, Dame Tessa Jowell MP; Adrian Sanders MP, Torbay; the Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Angela Smith MP, Penistone and Stocksbridge; the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Dave Watts MP, St Helens North; Frank Doran MP, Aberdeen North; Grahame Morris MP, Easington; Martin Horwood MP, Cheltenham; Nic Dakin MP, Scunthorpe; the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department of Transport, Norman Baker MP, Lewes; Teresa Pearce MP, Erith and Thamesmead and the Shadow International Development Minister, Tony Cunningham MP, Workington, have pledged to give vegan eating a try in honour of Gandhi on Gandhi Jayanti. A number of parliamentarians responded to PETA UK's request by saying that they are already vegan: these include the Shadow Economic Secretary, Cathy Jamieson MP, Kilmarnock and Loudoun; the Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government, Chris Williamson MP, Derby North and the Shadow Foreign Office Minister, Kerry McCarthy MP, Bristol East.

    They join Kerry McCarthy, Chris Williamson and Cathy Jamieson, three MPs who already leave meat, dairy products and eggs off their plates. These political leaders are leading by example.

    More than 60 years after his death, Gandhi remains a source of wisdom and inspiration for the world. We may not be able to stop all the violence in the world, but we can lessen the amount of violence in our own lives. The only way to stop this cruel cycle of animal abuse is to practise non-violence and stop eating animal products.

    Join the celebration, and mark Gandhi's birthday by making the compassionate choice to leave animals off your plate. Order our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit for recipes, tips and advice by writing to with your postal address. Please put "Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit" in the subject line.

  • Everybody Loves Vegetarians

    Written by PETA

    One of the warmest days on record was 28 September – not because of the mercury but because people around the world were showing their affection for vegetarians and vegans on International Hug a Vegetarian Day.

    Since we're lucky to live in the country with the largest population of vegetarians in the world, we encouraged everyone to get their hug on and show some love to all the people who save animals three times a day, 365 days a year. And did you ever! Just check out some of the pictures that we've received from people who ordered PETA's free "Hug a Vegetarian" posters and stickers and held their own veggie lovefests:



  • Why Bill Clinton Is Vegan

    Written by PETA

    Everyone knows that animal advocates are all heart. But did you know that being animal-friendly can actually protect your heart? Animal products are loaded with heart-hurting fat and cholesterol. So dumping them is like dumping a bad partner – it does your heart a huge favour. For World Heart Day on 29 September, PETA is urging everyone to have a heart – a vegan one.

    Former US President Bill Clinton knows all about the heart-healthy benefits of vegan foods. Once well-known for his McDonald's habit and fatty, meaty meals, he soon also became known for his struggles with heart disease. But Bill had an epiphany: his diet of dead animals was soon going to claim one more victim – Bill himself. Now primarily vegan for more than three years, Bill says he has reversed his heart disease and lost weight, and he looks and feels better than ever. And he's become a one-man vegan recruiting machine.

    And why shouldn't he be? Doctors and nutritionists agree with him about the benefits of a vegan diet. Dr. Dean Ornish of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute took a group of patients with advanced heart disease, placed them on a low-fat vegetarian diet and asked them to walk a bit each day. The patients reported that their chest pains went away and their cholesterol levels dropped significantly without the need for drugs. Numerous studies and countless nutrition experts, including PETA's resident nutritionist, Bhuvaneshwari Gupta, have confirmed that one of the best things that people can do for their hearts (besides getting out of a bad relationship) is going vegan.

    Don't let animal products break your heart. Go vegan for World Heart Day.


  • Mall Goers Show Veggie Love

    Written by PETA

    To say that PETA's recent "Hug a Vegetarian" Day  event at the High Street Phoenix Mall in Mumbai was a success would be a gross understatement. PETA's chicken mascot hugged so many vegans and vegetarians that his "wings" were almost ready to fall off. In addition to all the loving hugs, PETA stickers, leaflets, vegetarian/vegan starter kits and "Glass Walls" DVDs – narrated by long-time PETA pal R Madhavan – were practically flying out the door.

    It's no accident that the number of people – especially young people – going vegan and vegetarian in India and around the world is skyrocketing. If you want to help stop animal abuse, show Mother Earth some respect and protect your own health, then the first thing that you want to do is stop eating animals.

    The best part about embracing vegan eating is that it opens you up to a whole new world of delicious, healthy and eco-friendly foods. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so check out some of the smiling faces of the people who visited PETA's booth, and see for yourself that a blast was had by all – the veggie way!

  • Vegetarians Still Got It at 96

    Written by PETA

    The new face for PETA's pro-vegetarian campaign is the World's Oldest New Dad!

    Holding his new baby boy, 96-year-old Ramajit Raghav – who, on 5 October, broke his own record as Guinness World Records' World's Oldest New Dad – stars in a brand-new ad campaign for PETA. Shot by photographer Gaurav Sharma, the new ad shows Raghav and his son Ranjit next to the words "Vegetarians Still Got It at Age 96". PETA plans to post the new campaign near fertility clinics around the world.

    Says Raghav, "I have been a vegetarian all my life, and I credit my stamina and virility to my diet of vegetables and grains. Being a vegetarian is the secret to my strength and good health". Check out what he has to say!

    What makes vegetarians so healthy? For starters, meat clogs arteries and slows blood flow to all the major organs – not just the heart. Vegetarians are, on average, fitter and trimmer than meat-eaters are. They're also less likely to be afflicted with heart disease, diabetes and cancer – all of which are major health problems in India. And since each vegetarian saves the lives of many animals a year, their consciences are lighter, too.

    Want to live long? Take the pledge to go meat-free today.

  • Meet the Hottest Vegetarians Next Door!

    Written by PETA

    The competition was fierce in PETA India's annual Hottest Vegetarian Next Door contest, but after tallying the votes (thanks to all who voted!) and weeding through the top picks, we've selected the winners. Without further ado, we're proud to crown Vikramajeet Singh and Amrita Chaturvedi as the Hottest Vegetarians Next Door of 2012 (insert a round of applause here)! They both, incidentally, hail from Lucknow.

    Vikramajeet, the male winner, feels that "vegetarianism is the only answer to the colossal problems of population growth and world hunger".

    And the female winner, Amrita, says, "A vegetarian lifestyle helps maintain a balanced ecosystem and save species from extinction".

    We think it's safe to say that these neighbours can borrow a cup of sugar (or tofu) any time they want. 

    Both winners will receive a sash, a trophy and, most importantly – bragging rights. And who wouldn't want to brag about following a plant-based diet, which decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity; shrinks your carbon footprint and spares the lives of many animals a year?! So how about going vegetarian yourself? Getting started is as easy as checking out these hot dishes and helping yourself to this hot read. Who knows? You might even be inspired to enter the contest next year …

  • Winner of Lettuce Dress Design Contest Is

    Written by PETA

    … Namrata Thole, a student at Sophia Polytechnic, Textile Design Institute, Mumbai! Congratulations, Namrata!

    The stunning lettuce-leaf dress that Namrata designed will be worn by beauty queen Puja Gupta – star of the movie F.A.L.T.U. – in an upcoming vegetarian ad for PETA.

    Namrata's name will also appear on the ad, and she'll receive her very own certificate from PETA.

    Many other design students submitted stylish dress designs. After reviewing all the entries, PETA chose the 10 most beautiful gowns and asked our supporters for help with picking the winner. It was a close call, with all those stunning designs, but Namrata, who clearly has a promising design career ahead of her, was chosen as the winner.

    Here's Namrata's design:

    Stay tuned to see the final ad!

    Many other stars, including Lara Dutta, Dr Aditi Gowitrikar and Pamela Anderson, have donned outfits made of lettuce leaves in order to encourage people to turn over a new leaf and go vegetarian. If you think they look good enough to eat, just check out our healthy vegetarian recipes and fix yourself some tasty plant-based meals.

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