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  • Tobacco Causes Cancer. So Does Meat.

    Written by PETA

    May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. We have all seen the warnings on cigarette packs that remind us that smoking is bad for our health. But the negative consequences of eating meat affect more people than smoking does, and like smoking, meat consumption contributes to deaths from cancer, heart disease and stroke. PETA India has therefore written to the health minister of India asking that graphic warning labels be put on all packages of meat, eggs and dairy products sold in the country, just like the warning labels seen on packs of cigarettes.

    Check out the warning labels to see the stark and compelling messages about the dangers of meat consumption:

    A mountain of studies links the consumption of animal products to India's leading killers, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and obesity. And don't you agree that consumers have the right to be informed about the health hazards of consuming meat, eggs and dairy products and how these products are linked to needlessly early deaths? 

    Research has found that vegetarians are 50 per cent less likely to develop heart disease than their meat-eating counterparts and have only a fraction of the diabetes rate of the general population.Doctors are now prescribing a naturally low-fat plant-based diet not only to prevent but also to reverse heart disease caused from consuming animal products, and studies conducted by Washington, DC–based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and many other research teams have demonstrated the power of plant-based diets to reverse type 2 diabetes, too.

    PCRM also reports that vegetarians "are about 40 percent less likely to get cancer than non-vegetarians, regardless of other risks such as smoking, body size, and socioeconomic status ". A UK study found that people who suffered from irregular heartbeats, asthma, headaches, allergies, fatigue and digestive problems showed marked and often complete improvements in their health after cutting dairy products out of their diets.
    If you haven't already done so, take the pledge to go vegan today.

  • PETA to Accused Cricketers: Fix This!

    Written by Erika-G

    Some things shouldn't be fixed. Like cricket games, for example. But some things definitely should. So PETA is asking the three men who have been accused of "fixing" cricket games to star in an ad for us and encourage people to "fix" something we can all agree on: the dog and cat homelessness crisis.

    Whether or not S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan actually spot-fixed games or not, they can use the attention that the scandal is getting to do a lot of good for animals. As we pointed out in our letter to them, spaying just one female dog can prevent the births of 67,000 dogs in six years, and spaying one female cat can prevent 420,000 cats from being born in seven years. That's a lot of animals who won't be left on the streets to suffer from starvation, disease, being hit by cars or tormented by cruel people or being sold to laboratories for use in experiments.

    Now that's what we call a "perfect over". We hope the athletes will take us up on our offer and choose to score one for animals. In the meantime, everyone can take PETA India's pledge to help end dog and cat homelessness.

  • PETA Salutes Animal Mums on Mother's Day

    Written by Erika-G

    According to writer Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the trials of motherhood make mums the great vacationless class. Although she may have been talking about the human variety, other animals show the same tireless dedication to their children. PETA hopes that this Mother's Day, while you are praising your family's matriarch, you'll also remember that some of the best mums in the world are found in the animal kingdom.

    Human mothers who tune in to Channel Mum may find themselves responding to anybody's child when they hear someone calling the "M word", but fur seals never make this mistake. Fresh from foraging for food, mums have to find their young quickly in a sea of hundreds – or possibly thousands – of seals, so both mother and pup depend on their uncanny powers of vocal recognition to find one another. Both of them will call out and answer, responding selectively to one another until they are reunited.

    The TLC that these mammoth mothers bestow on their babies is one of their most engaging qualities. Always ready to give an affectionate caress, a gentle nudge in the right direction, or a cool bath to help their babies beat the heat, doting mums maintain constant physical contact with their young ones, never allowing them to stray too far from their side. Mothers even stay in touch with their adult kids and enjoy close relationships with their daughters that can last up to 50 years.

    For cows and their calves, it's love at first sight. The first minutes after birth are spent developing a bond that will last a lifetime. Throughout life, mother and child maintain social contact and regularly enjoy each other's companionship. Their attachment and affection for each other is so deep that if they are forced apart, they both endure severe stress. Mums have been known to escape their enclosures and travel for miles as they look for their calves.

    Dolphins are known for graceful synchronised swimming, but dolphin mothers and their babies also synchronise their breathing for the first few weeks following their babies' birth. These dedicated mums may nurse their young for up to 10 years and will also mentor less experienced females by allowing them to babysit as practice for when they have babies of their own.

    Let's hear it for single mums! These lightning-fast felines have their paws full as they care for their cubs all on their own. Not only does mum protect her children from predators while she is nursing them, she also hunts for them from the time they are weaned until they are 14 to 18 months old. Overly active offspring can make the task of hunting even harder: Cubs often scare hunted animals away with their animated antics, leaving mum so worn out that she sometimes falls asleep in the middle of a hunt.

    Nurturing begins in the nest for these caring mums. Mother hens will turn their eggs as many as five times an hour and cluck softly to their unborn chicks, who chirp back to her and to one another from within their shells! Once chicks hatch, devoted mums use their wings to shield their babies from predators and have been known to refuse to leave their nests during a fire if they have newly hatched peeps.

    This Mother's Day, please take a moment to recognise the unique bond between mothers and children of all species. For ways to practice kindness and compassion in honour of all animal mums, please see our action alerts.








  • PROGRESS! Ministry to Refuse Dolphinaria

    Written by Erika-G

    Dolphins don't belong in tanks, and India seems to be making sure that they won't be put there.

    When PETA India and others learned that state governments were aiming to build dolphin parks in Tamil Nadu, Noida, Kochi in Kerala, and Maharashtra, we immediately got in touch with the Minister of Environment and Forests, Jayanthi Natarajan. We reminded her that the Animal Welfare Board of India has not issued any performance certificates for cetaceans and has decided not to issue performance certificates for cetaceans in the future – therefore, any attempt to import these animals for the purpose of display and performance would be in violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and rules framed under it.

    "In their rightful ocean homes, dolphins establish close, cooperative and long-standing relationships", says PETA India Corporate and Government Affairs Liaison Sarfaraz Syed. "They live in large, intricate social groups, swim together in family pods and can travel up to 100 miles a day. In aquariums and marine parks, these animals can swim only in endless circles in enclosures that to them are like bathtubs and are unable to engage in most natural behaviours. They are forced to perform silly tricks for food and are frequently torn away from family members as they're shuffled between parks."

    This week, Natarajan announced that the ministry will not allow dolphinaria.

    PETA will continue to urge state governments to drop their plans. You can help! Take action here.

  • Would You Eat the Guest of Honour?

    Written by Erika-G

    Raise your hand if you think that the best way to celebrate someone is to kill and eat them. (If your hand is up, please don't come to my birthday party!)

    Sounds ridiculous, right? But that is essentially what's happening at the Tamil Nadu Fish Festival, where some fish are being displayed in an aquarium for people to admire (not much fun for the fish), while others are being served up for festival attendees to eat (absolutely no fun for the fish). So PETA India fired off an urgent letter to the Tamil Nadu Minister of Fisheries asking him make the festival vegan instead.


    In the letter, PETA points out that the Tamil Nadu Fish Festival also lacked permission from the Animal Welfare Board of India to display fish in an aquarium – which is all the more reason to drop the cruel idea entirely and make it a vegan celebration. Need more reasons? Fishing is horribly cruel to fish and many other aquatic animals, and it pollutes our oceans and rivers. Eating fish also puts your health at risk because fish flesh is contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals.

    Our finned friends belong with their families and communities, not in tanks or on our plates. Please pledge to leave fish alone to live their lives in peace. Instead, you can enjoy humane, healthy and environmentally friendly vegan foods!

  • 10 Fabulous Cruelty-Free Mother's Day Gifts

    Written by PETA

    She's helped you through heaps of headaches and heartaches, and you can always count on your mom to be there for you any day of the week. So this Mother's Day, show your love for her and for animals by surprising her with one of the following 10 unique animal-friendly presents:

    1)     Faux-Silk Saree: Wrap your mom in comfort and style with an exquisite Banarasi faux-silk or classic cotton saree. The best thing about giving your mom a cruelty-free saree (besides her joy in receiving it) is the fact that you won't be contributing to the "saree" fate of the approximately 9,750 silkworms who are boiled alive to make just one of these real-silk garments! 

    2)     Lush Body and Bath Goodies: Pamper your mom with one or some of LUSH's many fresh handmade vegan products, such as the citrus Sexy Peel Soap or the gentle yet effective Celestial face moisturiser. With a wide variety of delushious bath and body treats and a firm policy against maiming and torturing animals in archaic product testing, it's hard not to gush about LUSH. 

    3)     The Body Shop FragrancesWhether you choose the latest summery fresh Dreams Unlimited or the ultra-feminine Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette, your mom will think you're an angel for giving her such a heavenly scented gift! Check out PETA US' shopping guide for a list of even more cruelty-free companies.

    4)     Designer Bags and Accessories: Your mom has never been one to follow the herd, so surprise her with an oh-so-classy, cow-free bag, purse, wallet or mobile phone holder from Baggit's leather-free line of must-have merchandise. You can also spice it up with fun slings, clutches and shoulder bags from Princesse K. After all, there's nothing trendy about toting around a tote made from the skins of tortured animals.

    5)     Meatless Mother's Day Meal: Treat mom to dinner. Cook up a fabulous vegan feast after ordering delicious mock meats from Sunshine, or take her out to a local vegetarian restaurant. Your mom has a good heart, and the best way to keep it that way is with a low-fat, cholesterol-free vegan diet that wards off heart disease and keeps mom's ticker going strong for many Mother's Days to come. You can round off the perfect day with a selection of rich vegan chocs from C4 chocolates.

    6)     Skin-Free Shoes:  Forget shoes that once mooed. Vegan shoes are available in just about every shoe shop. Leather production wreaks havoc on the environment, so choose shoes made from lightweight synthetic materials, and help mom reduce her carbon footprint – and look good doing it! Try out beautifully hand-crafted and innovative footwear by Veruschka.

    7)     Spa Date: As light music and soft hands promise to ease the stress and knots of tension away, mom will just adore this thoughtful and ethical pampering session. So go ahead, treat her to a well-deserved wellness break.

    8)     A Vacation With a Difference: Whisk your mom off to a nearby destination, and make it count. While there, visit an animal shelter and interact with the four-legged kind. You can make a difference, share a special experience and still have ample time to explore the sights.

    9)     For the "Artsy" Mom: Take your pick from must-see plays, photography exhibitions and art shows in your city. Time Out India is a great place to discover current and upcoming events. You can't go wrong with surprise tickets to her favourite production. It beats heading to the circus or zoo for a "fun" day out to watch miserable animals.

    10)   Mix It Up: An original gift hamper is always a special present and perfect for every occasion. Mix and match from our extensive cruelty-free companies list featuring a range of products from aromatherapy oils to home fragrances. This token of love and appreciation is a sure-fire win for making her feel really special.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Bulls Abused, Forced to Race

    Written by Erika-G

     Driver biting the tail of bull to force him to run.

    In February, PETA investigators attended bull races in Pusegaon and Phadtarwadi and observed bulls who had their tails bitten and twisted by human participants and who were beaten continuously in order to force them to run. Irritants were put into bulls' mouths, and they were yanked by nose ropes, causing their noses to bleed. They were also forced to run and race even after they had collapsed.

    Bulls are transported to these runs crammed in goods trucks. They are then tied without water or food in the scorching midday sun – with no shade – for up to six hours as they are made to wait to race.

    Breaking Tails, Breaking the Law
    When the bulls' tails are twisted and bent, the pain caused is similar to what a human would feel if someone snapped one of our fingers. As if causing this pain were not enough, bulls' tails were commonly bitten by the cart drivers and riders during the races. In some cases, the riders bit the bulls' tails for several seconds at a time while the animals ran to try to get away from the pain.

    The findings of our investigation clearly show that bulls who are used in races are subjected to extreme cruelty and unmitigated suffering and that participants apparently violate The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, as well as a Supreme Court SLP Order directing that animals cannot be tortured or subjected to cruel treatment during races.

    Yanking nose rope of collapsed bull.

    Bull racing is, however, inherently cruel, as forcing bulls to race involves agitating, frightening or hurting them. Regulations of any kind won't negate the fundamental cruelty of deliberately tormenting bulls and forcing them to run. Bull races should be banned altogether.

    People who care about animals should never participate in or even be spectators at a bull run. Put up a fight if you hear about bull-racing events in your area and e-mail us at to let us know. We will work with you to try to stop it.

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