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  • Animal Rahat Saved Donkeys From Tetanus

    Written by PETA

    Thanks to the caring people in Sangli, Maharashtra, Animal Rahat veterinarians were able to vaccinate 75 donkeys to protect them from tetanus, an acute and often fatal infection of the nervous system. The animals are forced to haul bricks at a brick kiln in Ankli. Recently, three animals at the facility died of tetanus and had to suffer through painful muscle spasms. Tetanus causes many donkeys to become so weak that they cannot eat or drink, and some cannot even stand. The people who work at the brick kiln – natives of Aurangabad – contacted Animal Rahat for help.

    When the veterinarians explained that all donkeys need tetanus vaccinations – along with follow-up booster shots – all the donkey owners in the brick-kiln chipped in and raised enough money to vaccinate the 75 donkeys.

    In the past two months, Animal Rahat has treated more than 150 donkeys in Sangli alone, but there are many other sick, injured and exhausted donkeys, horses and bullocks in Sangli who still need help.

    Working equines (horses, donkeys, etc) are highly prone to tetanus. It costs less than 20 rupees (half a US dollar) to vaccinate a donkey or a horse. Kind-hearted people can help equines by contributing to Animal Rahat.

  • Finally, Bullocks Can Take a Sigh of Relief

    Written by PETA

    During sugarcane season, it's common to see bullocks in Maharashtra panting and frothing at the mouth from straining to pull carts piled high with sugarcane. Their knees are swollen, and their necks and shoulders bear wounds that are a silent testimony to their daily toil under the yoke.

    The bullocks forced to work on sugarcane farms are commonly denied proper food, fresh drinking water, sufficient rest and relief from the blazing-hot sun. They are yanked roughly by wires threaded through their pierced noses and are often beaten or whipped. Strands of barbed wire are sometimes put under the wooden yoke, and a thin piece of leather is attached to the whip to make it sting even more.

    PETA's friends at Animal Rahat, which offers relief for India's working animals, are improving conditions for these bullocks. Animal Rahat's groundbreaking new initiative, The Tractor Project, is a way to eliminate the use of bullocks completely and replace them with small tractors. Keeping in mind the limited financial resources of poor famers to buy a motorized vehicle to haul the cane, Animal Rahat made a donation toward the purchase of five new tractors for workers at the Kranti Sugar Factory. The factory then gave the employees an interest-free loan for the rest of the cost.

    Recently, five bullock owners were presented with their new tractors, and their 10 old, worn-out bullocks were released from servitude in a touching ceremony at the factory. When the bullocks arrived at Animal Rahat's Retired Bullock Home later that same day, caretakers removed their nose ropes and offered the relieved animals jaggery, a sweet treat that they love, to welcome them.

    Kranti Sugar Factory along with the help of Animal Rahat is planning to distribute more tractors as they find the funds to do so. And Animal Rahat is preparing to expand The Tractor Project to other areas if possible and end the suffering of bullocks completely.

    To contribute to Animal Rahat's overall efforts – which fund new initiatives, including The Tractor Project – visit Animal Rahat's fundraising page.

  • Winner of Lettuce Dress Design Contest Is

    Written by PETA

    … Namrata Thole, a student at Sophia Polytechnic, Textile Design Institute, Mumbai! Congratulations, Namrata!

    The stunning lettuce-leaf dress that Namrata designed will be worn by beauty queen Puja Gupta – star of the movie F.A.L.T.U. – in an upcoming vegetarian ad for PETA.

    Namrata's name will also appear on the ad, and she'll receive her very own certificate from PETA.

    Many other design students submitted stylish dress designs. After reviewing all the entries, PETA chose the 10 most beautiful gowns and asked our supporters for help with picking the winner. It was a close call, with all those stunning designs, but Namrata, who clearly has a promising design career ahead of her, was chosen as the winner.

    Here's Namrata's design:

    Stay tuned to see the final ad!

    Many other stars, including Lara Dutta, Dr Aditi Gowitrikar and Pamela Anderson, have donned outfits made of lettuce leaves in order to encourage people to turn over a new leaf and go vegetarian. If you think they look good enough to eat, just check out our healthy vegetarian recipes and fix yourself some tasty plant-based meals.

  • Dishoom to Dish Out Geek Chic

    Written by PETA

    Everyone at PETA Youth knows that there is nothing hotter than a true geek – especially one who cares about animals. That's why, for the first time, we're going to be a social partner for Transilience, the annual business and technology conference at the Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Technology & Management in Bhilai, held this year from 22 to 23 June.

    So whether you're a biz whiz who is interested in starting a company making household products that are never tested on animals, a titan-in-training who has a great idea for helping animals through technology or just someone who wants a few new vegan recipes, be sure to stop by the PETA Youth table and say "Hello".

  • PETA Meets CM to Stop Dolphin Prison

    Written by PETA

    A delegation from PETA met with Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to present a letter from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) objecting to plans to build a dolphin park in Sindhudurg. Animal protection organisations are unanimously opposed to this cruel proposal.

    The MoEF rightfully points out that it is illegal to hunt and capture animals protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. What's more, multiple studies have determined that keeping dolphins and other marine animals in captivity leads to suffering and premature death because their complex needs simply cannot be met in cramped and barren tanks.

    Dolphins inhabit vast and fascinating worlds in their ocean home and establish close, cooperative and long-standing relationships. They swim freely and socialise in family groups and can cover up to 100 miles a day. Dolphins used in marine parks are violently torn away from their families and confined to small tanks in which they can only swim in endless circles and perform tricks for food. Most captive dolphins die far short of their expected lifespan.

    Time is of the essence to get this plan stopped! Please contact the Maharashtra Chief Minister at, the Minister of Tourism, India, at and the Maharashtra Forest Minister at and urge them to abandon plans to open a dolphinarium in Sindhudurg.

    Posted by PETA

  • Runway Show Is a Runaway Success

    Written by PETA

    If you heard about a group of tigers taking over the runway at the Styles and Trends 2012 fashion show held by Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences' Department of Design, now you know – it's true. Models were catlike on the catwalk, strutting their stuff in a design collection with the theme "Save Our Tigers."

    The collection's designers, students at the institute, partnered with PETA Youth to create an unforgettable show that made attendees aware that zoos take tigers out of their natural environments and imprison them in tiny, barren enclosures. Some models also rocked the runway in petaDishoom (now  PETA Youth) shirts.


    The designers didn't just make a statement about protecting tigers by boycotting zoos – every imaginative piece was designed without any fur, leather or exotic-animal skins. And considering all the PETA Youth merchandise and literature that PETA Youth handed out, there's a good chance that more students will soon be discovering how inspiring living cruelty-free can be.

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