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  • Breakthrough Device Translates Chicken Language

    Written by PETA

    Today – the first day of April – PETA is proud to present a brand-new groundbreaking technology that could save lives.

    We all know that some birds can learn to speak human languages, but now humans are finally learning to understand birds' language! A team of engineers and avian biologists has created a revolutionary new instrument that interprets chickens' speech patterns and translates them into English. The translator can be attached to a chicken via a Velcro band, and when the chicken clucks, the device interprets the sounds and a mechanised voice speaks the English translation.

    People are flocking to get the tiny devices, and PETA India managed to get a few thousand of them, which we will be sending to chicken farmers across the country. We're hopeful that people will stop running afoul of fowl when they can actually understand what these intelligent, inquisitive animals are saying when they speak lovingly to their avian friends and family, demonstrate their excellent memories by asking about chickens who have disappeared (and were likely taken to slaughter) and perform complex mental tasks.

    We're excited to hear back from farmers about what chickens have been saying to them. "I want to go outside", perhaps? Or "Where are you taking my sister?" We have a feeling that some farmers are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

    We'll keep you updated on how the project is going. What do you think farmers will soon be hearing chickens say?

  • Teaching Compassion in Bijnor

    Written by PETA


    Basic Shiksha Adhikari of Bijnor, Shri Banwari Lal, has directed all government schools in the district to start using PETA’s humane-education programme, “Compassionate Citizen” to help raise socially aware and compassionate kids.

    Most children naturally feel concern and affection for animals but learn cruelty from society and often lose sight of their compassion. It is well documented that violence against animals by children can often lead to future acts of violence towards fellow humans. Simply teaching kindness and compassion towards animals from an early age will go a long way to encouraging respect for animals, and for other people.

    Praising the programme, Shri Banwari Lal says “Compassionate Citizen programme is an effective educational tool through which children can develop compassion and respect for animals.” 

    Rashtriya Gram Utthan Sansthan Charitable Trust has partnered with PETA to raise awareness about the programme and urge schools to include it in their curriculum. Schools such as Jawahar Novadaya Vidhlaya, Vedanta Academy and GSD Public School are among those who have agreed to use the programme on an ongoing basis in their schools.

    To learn more about the programme, log onto

  • Ireland Bans Puppy Mills

    Written by PETA

    Irish eyes are smiling because Ireland has banned puppy mills. Puppy mills are cruel breeding farms notorious for cramped enclosures, filth, malnutrition, exposure, disease and dogs who suffer as a result of a lack of socialisation and veterinary care. Puppy mills then sell puppies on to pet stores.

    All puppies must also be microchipped so that the breeder can be identified and authorities can inspect and shut down any facility that fails to meet the standards set by the new regulations.

    Ireland has set an example for other countries to follow, including India, where pet shops keep animals in tiny, filthy cages. The pet trade is also responsible for contributing to the homeless animal crisis. Every time someone buys a dog or cat from a breeder or pet store, a homeless animal roaming the streets or waiting in an animal shelter loses a chance at a home – and a chance at a good life.

    PETA India has been asking the Ministry of Environment and Forests to pass the Pet Shop Rules, 2010, to help make the lives of our canine friends a little better.

    Please ask the ministry to pass this important legislation

  • Paris Goes Fur- Free

    Written by PETA

    Recently, eco-friendly online magazine Néoplanète and international multimedia platform One Heart Channel,with the support of PETA France helped present a brand-new event at the Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière aimed at showing chic and ethical alternatives to fur."Paris Without Fur" ("Paris sans Fourrure") took place on the last day of Paris Couture Fashion Week and aimed to show the public the fabulous alternatives to the real fur produced by the fur industry

    Spirit HoodsPLICHC&AEtamFranck SorbierVJ Couture and others showed off their latest fur-free collections. Models from Up Models strutted down the runway with elegance and humour, showing the public that winter can be warm and trendy without killing animals.

    If you want to save animals from being killed for bags, belts and shoes, take our pledge never to wear an animal's skin again.

  • Dolphin Specialist Writes to Maharashtra

    Written by PETA

    Thank you to everyone who wrote to Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Dajisaheb Chavan to protest against the plan to build a marine park in Sindhudurg. You'll be happy to know that dolphin specialist Ric O'Barry – who was featured in the Academy Award–winning film The Cove, which documented the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan – has joined you in writing to the Chief Minister.

    On behalf of PETA, O'Barry, the director of Earth Island Institute's Dolphin Project, explains in a letter to the Chief Minister that dolphins and other marine mammals suffer terribly in captivity and that they do not belong in tanks.

    O'Barry's letter comes at a time when experts in the fields of philosophy, conservation and animal behaviour have just convened at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's biggest science conference, in Vancouver, Canada. These experts argued that dolphins should be treated as nonhuman "persons" with their rights to life and liberty respected.

    Although this is great news, our finny friends still need us to speak up for them. If you haven't done so already, please ask your friends to help stop the plans for this dolphin prison. Find out how to take action here


  • Who Runs the World? Vegans!

    Written by PETA

    If it's starting to seem like everywhere you look, another actor, politician, business leader or athlete is going vegan that's because it's true. They cite a plethora of reasons for making the switch to a diet free of meat, dairy products and other animal products – reasons such as having more energy, protecting the environment, staying slim and preventing cruelty to animals. And with the ready availability of vegan foods in supermarkets and restaurants, it's getting harder and harder to come up with excuses not to go vegan. These are just a few of the vegan powerhouses who are leading the charge:

    • Mallika Sherawat:This mallika of Bollywood, has a sexy body that makes many go red with envy, but the secret to her fabulous figure is a green diet. Mallika, who is a vegan, says that the best part about it is having a "clear conscience". She was recently named ”PETA’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity” in the 2011 poll.  
    • Bill Clinton: The respected former president of the United States' opinion on political issues is still highly sought after, and he is celebrated for his humanitarian work. To keep his energy up, his weight down and his heart troubles at bay, Clinton relies on plant power. And he's now such a strong advocate for cruelty-free dining that PETA US named him 2010's Person of the Year.
    • Amala Akkineni:This actor wows on screen, partly because of her cruelty-free diet, but what wows her is compassion for animals. Posing as a mermaid in an ad for PETA India, she asked people to "relate to who's on your plate" and stop eating intelligent, sensitive fish.
    • Alicia Silverstone:Between acting and caring for her young son, Alicia found time to author a cookbook, The Kind Diet;maintain a lifestyle website,;and give talks to help others heal their bodies with a vegan diet. She is proof that being vegan helps busy working moms keep up their energy.
    • Russell SimmonsYou can't manage pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam, clothing lines, a movie production house, television shows, an advertising agency and five charities if you're trying to run on junk food. In addition to all of that, Russell is an outspoken animal advocate who is always willing to help PETA help animals.
    • Maneka GandhiThis Member of Parliament is always seeking justice – including for animals. Gandhi has worked to ban leather shoes in schools, keep primates from being used as laboratory "equipment" and expose animal-abusing companies.And—oh, yeah—she helps animals by not eating them too.
    • Tobey Maguire: Tobey knows that you can't properly fill out a Spider-Man suit if you're stuffing your face with fat and cholesterol. He's a one-man vegan recruiting machine, too, who helped Natalie Portman get on board with vegan living.


    There are more influential vegans than we can count, let alone name. Ready to join them? Click here to get started

  • PETA Stops Illegal Bull Races

    Written by PETA


    When PETA India found out that bull races were scheduled to be held at the Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur in early February, we jumped into action. We got in touch with the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, and informed them that through an 11 July 2011 Ministry of Environment and Forests notification in The Gazette of India, bulls races are banned everywhere in India.

     In an urgent letter to the police officials, PETA India's Director of Veterinary Affairs, Dr Manilal Valliyate, wrote, "During such races, the bulls are often beaten mercilessly with wooden sticks spiked with nails in order to get them to run faster in the sweltering heat. The bulls' tails are painfully twisted, and they are left covered with blood. Public safety is also put at risk during such events".

     Soon after sending the letters, Dr Valliyate also spoke to the officials over the phone. A few follow-up calls later, we got an official confirmation from the police department that bull races had been cancelled.

     Thank you, Rahul Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner, and Ishwar Chand Sharma, Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, for upholding the law and saving the bulls from being forced to race.

     We need your support to protect animals. If you ever hear about bull-racing events in or around your area, please send us an e-mail right away at

  • PETA Youth Teams Up With VJTI

    Written by PETA

    Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) teamed up with PETA Youth– the young division of PETA India – to hold a 6-kilometre run and a festival. The theme for both was the promotion of animal rights.

    "We're thrilled to have partners as prestigious as VJTI", says Richa Mithal, PETA Youth's marketing coordinator. "The marathon gave us an opportunity to talk about animal rights on a personal level with many young people who want to get active for animals." 

    The intercollegiate marathon was held in January to urge the government to pass the Draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011, prepared by the Animal Welfare Board of India. Passage of the new law is vital because India's current penalties for cruelty to animals are badly outdated under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

    Students ran wearing petaDishoom (now PETA Youth) T-shirts, which were given to the first 100 entrants. The event was covered by Channel V and Saam TV.

  • Raising Kind Kids

    Written by PETA

    Most children naturally feel concern and affection for animals but learn cruelty from society and often lose sight of their compassion. Also, it is now a well-documented fact that violence against animals by children is often an early warning sign of future acts of violence toward fellow humans. Through education, PETA hopes to ensure a future in which animals, our environment and people are treated kindly.

    In an effort to help educators raise socially aware students, PETA has developed a humane-education programme called "Compassionate Citizen" for children ages 8 to 12. A similar programme to PETA's multidisciplinary package is also in use in the US, the UK and other countries. It can be used in language arts, science and social studies curricula and is intended to give students an understanding of why hatred and cruelty directed against others – regardless of species – are wrong.

    Compassionate Citizen has been praised by numerous celebrities, including Lara Dutta, Raveena Tandon Thadani, Anupam Kher and Jackie Shroff as well as by educators, police and environmentalist Dr RK Pachauri, director general of the prestigious Energy and Resources Institute.

    The programme is provided to schools and teachers free of charge and is being used by 14 lakh children in more than 7,000 private and government schools throughout India, including the Doon School in Dehradun, Delhi Public School, Springdales, Mother's International and Sanskriti schools in New Delhi and Jamnabai Narsee, Lilavatibai Podar and Ryan Global schools in Mumbai.

    The programme consists of a 28-minute video featuring suggested topics of discussion, video footage of animals, cartoons and a text pack. The pack includes a guide for teachers and reproducible worksheets. Although designed to be included in the monthly curriculum, the programme can also be used for a shorter period of time, including a one-day workshop.

    If you are a student, parent or teacher, approach the school principal and ask him or her to order a Compassionate Citizen pack today! For more information, contact Puja Mahajan at


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