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  • Win a Saree From Ghatkopar Cloth Store (P) Ltd

    Written by Kriti-S

    Ghatkopar Cloth Store (P) Ltd, an animal-friendly company from the suburbs of Mumbai, wants you to be a head-turner this wedding season. They are giving you a golden chance to win this exquisite Banarsi, faux-silk saree. Yes, no worms were boiled alive inside their cocoons to make this saree!

    The Ghatkopar Cloth Store believes in a cruelty-free, ahimsak way of living. All their products are 100 per cent vegan. Mr Rahul Mehta says, "Approximately 9,750 silkworms are died to make one silk saree. Due to the violence caused to the silkworms, we have decided not to deal in silk sarees."

    Thank you, Ghatkopar Cloth Store (P) Ltd, for thinking about silkworms. Anyone who has ever seen worms startle when their dark homes are uncovered must acknowledge that worms are sensate (meaning they have senses)—they produce endorphins and have a physical response to pain. 

    Now if you want this saree to be yours, tell us how you would use it to encourage others to wear cruelty-free clothing. The person with the answer we find the most interesting will get the prize.

    The contest is open until 27 March 2012. The winner will be declared and informed via e-mail on 30 March 2012. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. By commenting below, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

  • PETA at WIFW: Fashion for Freedom

    Written by Kriti-S

    Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) in Delhi is well known for giving world-renowned designers a wonderful platform to showcase their talent. Attended by the B-town biggies and fashionistas from around the globe, this fashion week had a lot in store for our four-legged, feathered and finned friends too!

    On day one of the fashion week, stars Mahima Chowdhary, Gulshan Grover and Monica Dogra wore vegan animal-print designs to inaugurate the partnership between Sunil Sethi, president of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), and PETA Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura. The partnership's theme is "Fashion for Freedom – Boycott Zoos", and it was announced with the help of two models in a cage who wore body-hugging costumes to resemble tigers. To show their support for the cause, the celebrities freed the caged "tigers". The campaign mantra is "Animal prints, not animal prisons", so Gulshan wore a jacket designed by Rajee Sabharwal, and Mahima's sari was made by Satya Paul.

    Hundreds of thousands of animals languish in zoos around the world. They often express their frustration and loneliness through obsessive, repetitive and even self-destructive behaviour, such as pacing, head-bobbing and self-mutilation. PETA, FDCI and these stars are urging people to boycott zoos and support efforts to protect animals' natural homes instead.

    Also at the fashion week was a 30-foot wall dedicated to PETA's various celebrity ad campaigns and a PETA information stall.

    The PETA and FDCI campaign will extend to the next fashion week in September. Be on the lookout for it.

  • 'Kitty Porn' for the Karnataka Assembly

    Written by Kriti-S

    The "sleazegate" scandal led to the resignations of three ministers in Karnataka for viewing pornographic material while the assembly was in session, but now PETA has offered to give ministers a chance to help animals by watching porn – "Kitty Porn", that is, or rather a video depicting cats in the act of making kittens.

    PETA has sent a letter to KG Bopaiah, Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly, urging him to show this video to the entire Assembly in an effort to spur support for the sterilisation of cats and dogs.

    What's PETA's point? Showing this video in the assembly would surely spark discussion about India's dog and cat homelessness crisis and would hopefully motivate many ministers to support sterilisation efforts for stray animals and to conduct awareness programmes to encourage Karnataka residents to sterilise their animal companions. Unlike the ministers, who were watching porn simply to get off, watching PETA's "Kitty Porn" video could help get tens of thousands cats and dogs off – off the streets, that is.

    Watch the video and let us know if you think it should be screened in the assembly.

  • We Find a Use for Mayawati's Covered Statues

    Written by Kriti-S

    PETA India has written to Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi asking him to allow us to put the covered Uttar Pradesh elephant statues to good use. While the statues are covered, PETA India would like to put banners on them that read, "Cover-Up by the Big Top: Elephants in the Circus Are Beaten and Shackled". Here is a mock-up of what the banner would look like on a covered elephant statue.

    This high-profile "cover-up" would help expose the cruelty to animals that circuses work hard to cover up. When they're not being forced to perform meaningless tricks that are confusing to them, elephants used in circuses are kept shackled. These majestic creatures are trained through beatings and the fear of physical punishment. Circuses are no fun for other animals either. Birds used in circuses often have their wings clipped, which prevents them from engaging in their most important natural behaviour: flying. Horses are often kept tethered with short ropes, and dogs are locked in cages.

    PETA India Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura wrote, "The covering of the statues and party symbols has caught the attention of people around the globe. By allowing us to place these banners on the elephant statues, you would help us encourage people worldwide to boycott circuses, thereby helping countless animals whose pain goes unnoticed. Supporting us in this good deed may also help to quiet those who have criticised the move to cover the statues. It would be a win-win situation".

    Would you like to see the elephant statues being used this way?




  • Animal Rahat Team Rescues a Hyena

    Written by Kriti-S

    Late one evening in a village in Maharashtra, a terrified hyena was running to escape a pack of street dogs when she tumbled into a well that was not visible to her in the darkness and plunged 50 feet down to the bottom. She had evaded the dogs, but now she was banged up and hopelessly trapped.

    A man happened to witness the hyena's fall, and he jumped into action, calling Animal Rahat, our affiliate working in the Sangli district of Maharashtra, for help. Animal Rahat promptly sent a rescue team, which quickly hatched a plan. The team lowered a large net and, after several tries, was able to scoop up the hyena and pull the scared little animal to safety.

    Members of the team took the hyena to the Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Centre to be checked for injuries and treated. After nearly two months of rehabilitation, the rescued hyena ate her last meal in captivity and was released back into the jungle. The area where she stepped out of her transfer cage was close to where she was found. The local forest department reported that more than a dozen hyenas—possibly from the rescued hyena's clan—are known to live in the area.

    Hyenas can hear the calls of their clan from more than 2 miles away when they become separated, so it's possible that her family members heard her cries and were anxious for her safe return. 

    Well done, Animal Rahat! If you would like to support their hard work for animals, please visit and make a donation to help them help animals.

  • Incredible India or Incredible Cruelty?

    Written by Kriti-S

    Bulls who are punched, wrestled to ground and hit with fists during the cruel sport of jallikattu have found new friends in the Irish animal rights group Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN).

    After learning that despite the Indian government's ban on the use of bulls as performing animals, the Madras High Court Bench gave permission for the cruel bull-abusing contact game jallikattu to be held in Tamil Nadu, the founder of ARAN fired off a letter to the Indian Minister of Tourism. In the letter, he said that ARAN plans to place "Incredible Cruelty" advertisements across European cities calling for a boycott of Indian tourism until the cruel bull-abusing contact game jallikattu is put to an end.

    John Carmody, the founder of ARAN, wrote: "India's reputation for treating animals with the utmost compassion and care is a major draw for almost everyone who is considering visiting your beautiful country. How can that image endure when a state government endorses an activity in which terrified bulls are surrounded by hundreds of shouting men, are hit with fists, have their tails twisted and pulled – and some even snapped and broken – and are jumped on and wrestled to the ground?"

    PETA India and its affiliates around the world have been protesting against the cruelty of jallikattu and urging the Ministry of Environment and Forests to enforce the ban on jallikattu.

    So, what do you think about ARAN's campaign?

  • PETA Youth at the Submerge Goa Project

    Written by Kriti-S

    Were you a part of the most happening and animal-friendly new year's party in Goa? If not, here's what you missed: mind-blowing music played by the likes of Nikhil Chinnapa and DJ Pearl, a mad crowd dancing their backsides off, DJs throwing petaDishoom's (now PETA Youth) stylish and super-cool T-shirts and people vying to grab them. Wow! It was awesome.

    The three-day party madness took off with sundown sessions at the Zanzi Bar by the Baga Beach, where the mind-blowing psychedelic and electro-music played by the DJs made people go wild, forget all inhibitions and just dance. To keep the party spirit high, this was followed by trance music parties at the best clubs in Goa, Tito's and then Red Square, on New Year's Eve.

    The party animals poured in to check out petaDishoom's (now PETA Youth) information table to help animals in need. Besides signing our petition to get the draft Animal Welfare Act passed, many of them made a new year's resolution to help animals.

    Thank you, Submerge Goa Project, for combining fun with helping animals. This was definitely the best way to kick start 2012.

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