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  • Victory! Bullock Race Ends!

    Written by PETA


    Great news from our colleagues at Animal Rahat! They not only stopped a bullock race in Maharashtra but also convinced the organisers to agree in writing to stop the races for good. This was no simple task: the team faced a mob of 5,000 people ready to participate in or watch the race. But with tact and persistence, they were able to spare the bulls from being forced to run.   

    Despite a recent ban on bullock racing, these cruel events are still being organised in rural areas. The bullocks are malnourished and thirsty and are routinely whipped and beaten. Cruel methods are used to keep them moving, like having pieces of barbed wire wedged underneath their harnesses. Ropes that are jammed through holes pierced in the bulls' nostrils are yanked and pulled so hard that the bulls' noses are often ripped open.

    Don't let an "entertainment" event involving animals in your area go unchallenged. Contact the organisers to get it stopped, and contact us at so that we can help.

  • Hurricane Irene Hits Virginia

    Written by PETA

    Amidst severe flooding and heavy rain, PETA US staffers have been out in force to respond to emergency animal cases as a result of Hurricane Irene which has so far killed more than 21 people, countless animals and left an estimated two million people without power.

    What follows is an account from Ingrid Newkirk – PETA US’s Founder:

    “It’s Sunday morning, our building is in tatters, two of our vehicles have  cried “uncle,” but we have two more, and they and we are still going strong. We are all so glad to keep getting the calls. Last night was very hard indeed: our journeys took us into dark, deserted streets without traffic lights, deep in water, all bridges closed, tunnels and many roads impassable, tree limbs blowing about like kudzu. It took us longer to get a mile than to go five on a good day. We often had to turn back to find a new route through to our destination as cars were abandoned, their lights below the water. But it was a successful night for some animals! I shan’t tell you about them all as we are leaving again now, but just a few of our rescues.

    Just before dark, we received a call about a dog, named Nikita. The winds were nearing 70 mph. He had been in a pen, with only one sheet of wood above him for “shelter” for three days. His people had left town. He came with us. His PETA staff foster parents, report, “He is a real trooper…he was so happy to be inside. He warmed right up to us, within an hour he was running around like he’d always lived with us; we even played tug of war! He lay on the couch, the floor, the chair, with us, wherever we were, he was. At one time he heard a noise at the door, to which he promptly growled at the possible impending intruder, to scare them off and protect us, even after humans had wronged him.”

    Early this morning, just as the water receded, leaving us to survey the extent of the damage to our building, a call came in from a fire department. A dog had wandered in, old and covered in mange, and collapsed on their floor.  The marks of where he once had a collar are around his neck, and he has more sores than hair. He is now , sleeping after a welcome meal.


    Thank you to everyone for asking about us, to the staff who stayed in the swaying building all night, all the people who did not evacuate but stayed to take calls and go on them; our vice-president in charge of emergency response, who was out all night, and had to swim the final block home, her waders no longer tall enough (to her waist!) to keep the water out, the road to deep to drive through, only to be called out again.  Thank you to  the staff and volunteers and interns who made calls for three days straight to urge people to take their animals inside, and to operations crew who provided everything we needed; and to everyone out there now trying to remove the debris, and to so many more.”

    Recovery from this disaster is going to take months. People in the hardest hit areas will continue to need pet food and veterinary supplies for weeks to come, as will the animal shelters, which will also need to house animals until their homeless guardians are able to find somewhere to live. You can help fund PETA US’ work and other rescue work by making an urgent donation

  • Win Free Vegan Shoes

    Written by PETA

    Here's our answer to all the men who felt a little left out when animal-friendly shoe company Neuaura Shoes gave the ladies a chance to win a free pair of vegan heels. We're about to turn your frown upside down by giving you a chance to win a pair of stylish, comfortable, faux-leather men's shoes from Compassion Avenue.

    India's first 100 per cent vegan footwear and accessories brand, Compassion Avenue is so much more than a shoe company – it is a brand with a cause. Its founder, Pradeep Taneja, says, "When [people] use 'genuine' leather, we contribute to the killing of cows and other animals. If we stop using cruelty leather, the demand for it will decrease and so will the killing".

    All you need to do to participate in the contest is to post a comment telling us why you should get the free pair of shoes. The person with the most compelling answer will walk away a winner.

    If you don't win, don't worry. You can still buy a pair from their store in Pune. In addition to an extensive line of shoes, Compassion Avenue also offers a wide variety of vegan wallets, bags and belts for men and women.

    Good luck from all of us and from your animal friends, who will live happily ever after when you go leather-free.

    The contest is closed now!

  • Islam and Animals

    Written by PETA


    We hope you are having a very happy Ramadan!

    Did you know that most of the world's major religions teach respect for animals and that that includes Islam? The Quran says that cruelty to animals is equivalent to the cruel treatment of human beings. It also talks about the righteousness of doing good deeds for animals. Of course, nothing could be kinder towards animals than to stop eating them.

    Ramadan is a month devoted to fasting, prayer, compassion and reflection, so why not use this time to take the pledge to go vegan today? The best part is that when you stop eating meat, dairy products and eggs, not only will you notice a boost in energy and an overall improvement in your health, you'll also help to stop animal suffering and environmental destruction and take a bite out of world hunger – all at the same time!

    Check out the great recipes on our US affiliate's website. If you want tips on making the transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle, then you'll definitely want a copy of our popular vegetarian/vegan starter kit.

    During Ramadan – or at any time of year – the more we extend our circle of compassion, the more everyone benefits. Whether Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jain or Jewish, let's live our lives compassionately – starting by choosing compassion every time we sit down to eat.

    Written by Benazir Suraiya

  • Be Kind to Cows: Go Vegan This Janmashtami

    Written by PETA

    This Janmashtami, show your love for cows by going milk-free! Why? Because dairy products are detrimental to human health and dairy farms are notorious for their abuse of animals.

    To get this message out, PETA India staged a demonstration in Ahmedabad city centre during which activists dressed as Lord Krishna and a cow handed out free samples of healthy and delicious Staeta soya milk. The "cow" held a sign reading "Be Kind to Cows: Go Dairy-Free, Choose Soya".

    Campaigner and nutritionist Bhuvaneshwari Gupta says, "Lord Krishna would never approve of the severe cruelty to cows found in today's dairy industry. Consumption of dairy products contributes to the onset of diabetes, obesity and respiratory problems. During Janmashtami – or at any other time – soya milk is not only the smart choice but also the kind choice."

    PETA India's investigations have found that cows and buffaloes on dairy factory farms spend most of their days confined to tiny stalls. Many farmers inject the animals with the illegal drug oxytocin, believing that it will boost milk production. Animals injected with oxytocin often suffer from severe stomach cramps that are similar to labour pains. Calves on dairy factory farms are either abandoned or sent to slaughter so that the milk meant for them can be sold to humans.

    Take the pledge to help cows by kicking dairy products out of your diet today. 

  • I'm an Animal Rights Activist Because

    Written by PETA

    Were you touched by the wise words of a vegan friend? Inspired by the actions of a passionate activist fighting for animal rights? Motivated by rescuing an animal in distress? Or maybe you just love your feline best friend enough to stand up for animals everywhere. Everyone has their own reasons for speaking up for animals, and with all the amazing actions you take as an activist, we have to ask: What inspires you to take a stand for animal rights?

    We want to hear your story and share it with the world! Let us know what motivates you to save lives – log on to Twitter and finish the line: "I am an animal rights activist because …"

    Don't forget to tag your tweet with #PETAIndia. If you don't use Twitter, tell us your story by commenting here or tell us on PETA India's Facebook page.




  • East or West, Indian Dogs Are the Best

    Written by PETA


    We thought that the lead up to India's 64th Independence Day would be the perfect time to urge people to show their patriotic side by choosing to adopt an Indian community dog instead of buying a foreign pedigree dog from a pet store or a breeder if they are looking to welcome an animal into their home.

    So accompanied by patriotically dressed members of PETA decked out in traditional saris and kurtas and waving the Indian flag, a giant Indian community dog mascot held a placard that read, "Be Proud to be Indian. Adopt an Indian Community Dog. Never Buy", in Hyderabad.

    Pedigree dogs are bred for certain exaggerated physical traits such as long ears or drooping backs. Many foreign breeds of dogs – including boxers, German shepherds and pugs – suffer from abnormally high rates of genetic and hereditary diseases. Common health ailments in purebred dogs include breathing problems, cancer, heart disease, bleeding disorders, skeletal malformation, eye problems and more. In contrast, Indian community dogs are healthier and more robust than their purebred cousins.

    Besides, there are too many dogs and not enough good homes. Every time someone buys a foreign purebred puppy from a breeder or pet store, an Indian community dog loses his or her chance at finding a loving home.

    Help save lives by taking the pledge to always adopt and never buy!

    Happy Independence Day!

  • 'Protect Me', Says 'Cow' on Raksha Bandhan

    Written by Kriti-S

    Bhaiya mere rakhi e bandhan ko nibhaana 

    Raksha Bandhan celebrates the relationship between a brother and a sister and symbolises a brother's pledge to protect his sister forever. In advance of this special day, PETA India's "cow" distributed rakhis in Jaipur and urged the public to protect cows by not wearing their skins.

    Campaigner Himani Shetty says, "Pledging to protect loved ones is truly noble, and we'd like for the public to extend the same compassion to all others, including animals". Looks like the passers-by agreed with you, Himani, as many of them vowed to protect cows as they would their own sisters.

    Our aim was to raise awareness of the cruelty that cows, buffaloes, goats and other animals endure before their skin is made into shoes, bags and other accessories. Pledge to protect cows and other animals by pledging to ditch leather today!

  • Miss Malini: Party Animal and Animal Lover!

    Written by Kriti-S

    Malini Agarwal is always blogging about noteworthy stars in her super-hip Bollywood-gossip blog, Miss Malini, so it's time to turn the tables and blog about her noteworthy actions! We recently asked the party animal – and animal lover – what she does to help homeless animals.

    As you can hear, she thinks it's important to make noise whenever you witness cruelty to animals or see an animal in need. If you're willing and able to care for an animal, then take Miss Malini's advice and open your heart and home to a dog or a cat from the streets or the shelter – not  from a breeder or a pet shop. You rock, Miss Malini!

    PS Stay tuned to find out who we're going to dish on next!

  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes Wins PETA US Award

    Written by PETA

    Get your ticket to go see the most awaited movie of this season, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The movie's message and CGI special effects are so animal-friendly that PETA US has given director Rupert WyattProggy Award for recognising that real great apes don't belong on production sets.


    Given the impressive technology available now – and you'll see it in all its glory in this film – there's no need to hire wild-animal trainers who rip baby chimpanzees away from their mothers and physically abuse them to force them to perform on cue.

    Run, walk or swing through the trees – just don't wait to see this movie!

    A PETA US "chimpanzee" gives Rise of the Planet of the Apes two opposable thumbs up outside the premiere in Hollywood.


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