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  • PETA India in Action After Mumbai Blasts

    Written by Kriti-S


    In the wake of a series of deadly bomb attacks in Mumbai, PETA India went searching for animal survivors. However, the hardest-hit areas were cordoned off. Complicating the situation were the heavy monsoon rains that forced animals to seek shelter. PETA India staff left our contact details with security personnel and then took our plea to citizens through Facebook and Twitter, asking that anyone who sees an injured or distressed animal call PETA India, the Bombay SPCA or a local veterinarian. 

    A dog hurt in the attacks was treated by the Bombay SPCA, and as a result of our online appeal, PETA India received numerous calls about animals who needed help in places that were not targets of the blasts.

    It's important to stop and help animals in need. If you don't, who will? Always keep PETA India's number handy as well as the numbers of local veterinarians. Be sure to stay with the injured animal until help is provided.

  • Om Puri Writes to Jayanthi Natarajan

    Written by PETA


    Actor Om Puri has spoken up for the need to have stronger legislation to protect animals in India. He has teamed up with PETA and sent a letter to Jayanthi Natarajan, the new Union Minister for Environment and Forests, imploring her to do everything in her power to hasten enactment of the new Animal Welfare Act, 2011.

    The Ministry of Environment and Forests has drafted a new animal protection law to replace the outdated Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The new draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011, would greatly increase the penalties for cruelty to animals – penalties that are currently so weak that they have virtually no deterrent effect.

    "Considering that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, was enacted 50 years ago, it is time for India's animal welfare laws to get a much-needed 21st-century makeover", wrote Puri. "I hope the government will put politics aside and give our animals the basic protection that they deserve by passing the Animal Welfare Act, 2011."

    You can help. Write to the ministry now and urge them to pass legislation to ensure better treatment of our animal friends.

  • Shahid Kapoor Is the Sexiest Vegetarian in Asia

    Written by Kriti-S


    After a fierce battle on, Shahid Kapoor has won the title of PETA Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man for 2011. Singer Faye Wong has been crowned Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Woman. Among the popular contenders this year were Bollywood film heavyweights Kareena Kapoor and R. Madhavan, model-turned-Hollywood hottie Maggie Q, Mongolian singer Nominjin, Taiwanese actor Blue Lan, Super Girl Jane Zhang, actors Gao Yuanyuan and Barbie Hsu, and songwriter Louis Cheung.

    Favorite celebs from outside the continent include actors Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia; fighting champion Jake Shields; and singers Anthony Kiedis (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Leona Lewis.

    Kapoor, who is looking forward to the release of the much-anticipated film Mausam, says, "Being voted as sexy is a matter of perception, but being vegetarian is a lifestyle change and something that comes from a sense of responsibility." In addition to helping keep your body trim and looking sexy, being vegetarian means you're doing your part for the planet and, of course, for animals!

    So what are you waiting for? Pledge to go vegetarian today.

  • Pt Chitresh Das Highlights Circus Cruelty

    Written by Kriti-S

    He can make the world go mute when his feet do the talking! Pandit Chitresh Das is a maestro and virtuosic performer of the Indian classical dance Kathak. After teaching and entertaining millions of people across the globe with his dance, the Kathak guru has now teamed up with PETA India to star in an ad about animals forced to perform in circuses. The ad has been shot by photographer Donald Barry Woodrow.

    "Animals in circus[es] is old-fashioned entertainment", says Pt Das, who is currently on a visit to India for a Kathak performance. "Watching animals roaming in nature, they have their own dance and music. It's cool. Why interfere with that?"

    We're thankful to Pt Das for speaking out against the use of animals in entertainment. Animals in circuses lead lives of constant confinement, chronic physical abuse and psychological torment. In addition to confinement and beatings, the animals are often denied access to water, food and veterinary care. Dogs are crammed into dirty cages and are hardly ever let out of them. Many birds have their wings clipped and are kept in cages so small that there is no room for them to fly, and horses are kept tethered on short ropes. Elephants are routinely tied by three legs and subjected to beatings with sharp steel-tipped ankuses.

    Pt Das has won numerous prestigious awards, including the National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts – the highest honour bestowed by the US government for a traditional artist. He is also the founder of unique form of dancing and exercise called "Kathak Yoga".

    Help Pt Das and join us in stamping out cruelty to animals by pledging to boycott circuses!



  • Dogs Can't Use Condoms, so Sterilise Them

    Written by PETA

    This World Population Day, Mumbaikars got a chance to see two giant condoms waving placards on Marine Drive. Confused? Don't be! Because dogs can't use condoms, PETA members in costumes urged people to sterilise their dogs.

    As campaigner Bhuvaneshari Gupta explained during the demonstration, when people allow their dogs and cats to breed, dogs and cats in animal shelters or on the street lose their chance to be adopted into good homes. The only permanent solution to the problem of dog and cat homelessness is animal birth control: always spay and neuter and never buy animals from breeders or pet stores (instead, opt to adopt from an animal shelter or the street). Sterilising one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and sterilising one female cat can prevent 420,000 births in seven years. Sterilised animals also live longer, healthier lives and are less likely to roam, fight and bite.

    So help prevent millions of animals suffering on the street or languishing in animal shelters by pledging to get your companion animals sterilised.

  • Stars Come Out to Support Homeless Dog Adoption

    Written by PETA

    Longtime PETA supporters Raveena Tandon-Thadani and Gulshan Grover as well as PETA supporters Hard Kaur, Rajneesh Duggal, Aushima Sawhney, Karishma Trehan and other stars recently came out to the trendy Zenzi bar in the Bandra suburb of Mumbai to show their support of PETA's homeless-dog adoption campaign.

    Gulshan Grover might be Bollywood's best-known villain, but when it comes to showing his love of homeless dogs and cats living in animal shelters or on the streets, he's a hero. Gulshan's ad encouraging people always to adopt animals from animal shelters or off the streets and never to buy them was unveiled at the event. The ad features Grover surrounded by five stunning Hollywood starlets, several of whom wore only bikinis, and it is sure to turn heads.

    Enjoy these cool pictures from the launch party!


  • IIFA Winner Sonu Sood Speaks Up for Seals

    Written by PETA

    Sonu Sood, Bollywood's sexy vegetarian, has teamed up with PETA again, this time for stopping the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world for their fur. Sonu, who was recently in Canada for the  prestigious International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, took time out of his packed schedule to write a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, Steven Harper, urging him to end the slaughter of baby seals there.

    Every year, a band of fishers descends on the ice in order to beat thousands of seals to death and sell the animals' pelts on the international fur market. Sealers routinely hook baby seals in the eye, cheek or mouth and drag them across the ice, often while the animals are still conscious. Many of the seals killed in the massacre are only a few weeks old. Sonu wrote: "Canada has a lot to offer – natural beauty, exciting cities, and rich culture. However, there's one thing that's harming Canada's international reputation – its annual commercial seal slaughter".

    Thanks, Sonu! Kind people everywhere as well as world leaders such as His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have spoken out against the clubbing of baby seals, and Canadian seal products have been banned by the US and, more recently, by the EU.

    Sonu is not the only Indian celeb speaking up against this cruelty. He is joined by other big names such as Mallika Sherawat, Ayesha Takia, Rahul Khanna, Mahesh Bhupathi, Hard Kaur and more who have expressed their support for this campaign via Twitter!

    Support PETA and your fave stars by taking action online to help baby seals now!

  • Elephant Mariappan Reunited With His Mother

    Written by PETA

    Do you all remember the elephant Mariappan and how he was kept chained for many long years in a temple until local activist Radha Swami, PETA and other caring people helped get him moved to a zoo? We now have an update on the situation that we would like to share with you: Mariappan has now been permanently moved back to his birthplace!

    Mariappan was initially moved to Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Vandalur and is now at Anamalai Tiger Reserve, where he was born. After 17 years of separation, he was recently reunited with his mother and has made many new elephant friends.

    Our director of veterinary affairs, Dr Manilal Valliyate, says, "Daily walking, mental stimulation and the company of other elephants are essential to an elephant's mental and physical health, and we thank the Forest Department for seeing to it that Mariappan – who has suffered far more than any living being ever should – is now back home where he belongs".

    Unfortunately, not all elephants in captivity meet a happy fate. There is a growing scandal over the way in which elephants used in temples are typically kept. They are chained and controlled through beatings and are prodded and gouged in sensitive areas behind their knees and ears with an ankus – a rod with a sharp iron hook on the end. They rarely receive enough food or water, and most of them never see a veterinarian, even when they are injured or ill.

    We extend our full support and strongly encourage the Tamil Nadu Government to take action quickly on behalf of other temple elephants in Tamil Nadu who need to be rescued and rehabilitated.

  • Bull in a Wheelchair Protests Against Jallikattu

    Written by PETA


    Does the idea of an injured bull sitting in a wheelchair sound weird to you? Well, so is the spectacle of jallikattu. Two "injured" members of PETA India covered in bandages while lying in hospital beds protested against the cruel spectacle of jallikattu in Chennai. Another PETA member, dressed as an injured "bull", sat between them in a wheelchair.


    Their point? Jallikattu – in which terrified bulls are kicked, punched, jumped on, dragged to the ground and otherwise tormented – is in flagrant violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and has caused injury and death to humans as well as animals. Because attempts to regulate jallikattu have failed profoundly, PETA India has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009, a state law that permits jallikattu.

    Through this one-of-a-kind protest in Chennai, our campaign coordinator Bhuvaneshwari Gupta hopes to remind everyone that until jallikattu is banned, bulls will continue to be tormented and people will continue to be injured and killed.

    Help us ban jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Please write to the Ministry of Environment and Forests now.



  • Hema Malini Calls for a Ban on Jallikattu

    Written by Kriti-S

    The eternal beauty and Bollywood's original dream girl, Hema Malini, who continues to rule the hearts of millions of people around the world, has proved once again that she has a golden heart for animals. Besides being a legendary actor, Hema has been a long-time PETA supporter. She has helped us in our campaign to stop cruel horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai, and now she's got her sights set on banning cruelty to bulls used for jallikattu in Tamil Nadu.

    After learning how fatal and cruel jallikatu is to humans and bulls, she immediately penned a letter to the Minister of Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh, calling for the Ministry to take steps to stop the violent event. This letter comes just in time for the next hearing of the case that PETA India has filed in the Supreme Court against the the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009, a state law that permits jallikattu. In the petition, the group points out that the cruel "game" of jallikattu violates the spirit of the national Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and causes numerous injuries and deaths every year to human participants and spectators.

    A recent PETA investigation of five jallikattu events documented that bulls were tied so tightly that it caused the animals severe discomfort and pain. The bulls were then hit with fists, had their tails twisted and pulled, were jumped on and were wrestled to the ground. Not only is jallikattu cruel to animals, it also poses a threat to public safety. In one four-day period in January 2011, 215 people sustained injuries during jallikattu events and two people died. Of those injured, 154 were spectators.

    So all you fans and admirers of Hema Malini, please join her in urging Minister Jairam Ramesh to help stop jallikattu cruelty. What are you waiting for? Write to the Minister right now by using this link.

    Thank you!

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