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  • Liza Malik Explains How to Fix Cricket

    Written by PETA

    Item girl Liza Malik has finally agreed to help fix cricket! Liza has appeared in a brand-new ad for PETA India. The ad – which reads, "The Best Way to Fix Cricket Is to Stop Using a Leather Ball" – is a reference to the recent controversy surrounding a UK bookie who offered Malik money to use her alleged familiarity with several cricket players to help him fix Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches. Malik wanted no part of the scheme, but she eagerly volunteered to pose for PETA's ad calling for the use of high-performance synthetic cricket balls that don't cost a cow an arm and a leg. The new ad was shot by ace photographer Rohan Gandotra. "Although millions of fans across the globe are currently enjoying the IPL, cricket is anything but fun for the animals whose skins are used to make balls for the sport, and leather production wreaks havoc on the environment", said the überhot Malik.

    She is so right! In India, where much of the world's leather comes from, cattle are marched for days to slaughter without food or water. Those who collapse from exhaustion have their eyes smeared with chilli peppers and tobacco and their tails broken in an effort to keep them moving. At India's abattoirs, animals are often skinned and dismembered while they are still conscious. Also, turning animal skins into leather requires massive amounts of toxic chemicals, and runoff from leather tanneries poisons rivers and streams.

    We're with you Liza! Let's ask the International Cricket Council (ICC) to show that cricket is truly a "gentleman's game". Urge the ICC to announce that they will accept synthetic leather balls for professional matches now!

  • Murali Kartik to Fans: Join the Vegetarian Team!

    Written by Kriti-S

    PETA India now has a new ally: Pune Warriors' bowler Murali Kartik. The famous cricketer, who is a staunch vegetarian, agreed to strike a pose for PETA's vegetarian campaign and will be starring in a brand-new PETA ad which will be released soon.

    "I'm proud to say that my vegetarian diet provides me with all of the energy and stamina I need as an athlete", said Kartik. "Having been born a vegetarian and then to know that a vegetarian diet is better for animals and the environment, my conscience is in good health as well."

    Keep visiting our website to catch the first glimpse of Kartik's awesome new ad which was shot by ace photographer Vicky Idnaani!

    So join the vegetarian team and take the pledge to go veg today.

  • 'Mother Cow' Urges Chennai to Go Vegan

    Written by Kriti-S


    Just in time for Mother's Day, PETA India supporters pulled off a great demonstration to save mother cows from cruelty in Chennai. PETA's "mother cow" was accompanied by two lovely soya milkmaids who handed out free samples of delicious and cruelty-free soya milk donated by ProSoya Foods, the maker of Staeta soya milk.

    Through this cute demonstration, the PETA supporters wanted to give Chennai residents some food for thought about how they can help stop the daily suffering of mother cows on dairy farms by simply switching to a delicious meat- and dairy-free vegan diet.

    There's no better gift we can give to mother cows and our own arteries on Mother's Day than to go vegan!



  • Dia Mirza Is a Bunny's Honey

    Written by Kriti-S

    We all know that former Miss Earth and Bollywood leading lady Dia Mirza has always promoted many social causes. Now she can add "animal ally" to her résumé. This gorgeous star and animal lover is the new brand ambassador of Body Shop, a company that doesn't test on animals.

    Rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and other animals used in cruel animal tests are forced to swallow or inhale massive quantities of a test substance or endure the pain of having caustic chemicals applied to their sensitive eyes and skin – even though the results of animal tests are often unreliable or not applicable to humans.

    Kudos to Dia for supporting cruelty-free beauty! Please join her by taking the pledge never to buy or use any product that is tested on animals


  • Veg Food Festival Kicks Off in Chandigarh

    Written by Kriti-S

    Hometel Chandigarh is hosting an exciting vegetarian "Googly Food Festival" from 6 May to 15 May that will include a wide range of delicious mock-meat preparations.

    Some main attractions will be mouth-watering and nutritious vegan dishes like veggie fillet in hot garlic sauce, chilli-pepper "ham" in black-pepper sauce, stir-fried greens with masala "sausages" in burnt chilli sauce, tandoori "ham" with rosemary potato and grilled monk "chicken" with barbeque sauce.

     All animals feel pain and fear death just as we do. Chickens killed for food are often crammed into extremely crowded cages and are often slaughtered with blunt knives in full view of each other. Cows and buffaloes on dairy farms are often illegally injected with oxytocin by farmers who believe the drug would make the animal produce more milk. But oxytocin causes severe stomach cramps that are similar to labour pains. Calves on dairy farms are sent to slaughter so that the milk meant for them can be sold. The consumption of animal products is linked to diseases like cancer, heart ailments, diabetes and obesity.

     Celebrate health and show compassion to all animals by making a visit with friends and family to Flavours restaurant at Hometel Chandigarh.

     Below is the contact information:

    Hometel Chandigarh, a Sarovar Hotel
    Plot No 147-148, Industrial Area Phase - I, Chandigarh – 160 002
    0172 - 4299 999
    0172 - 4299 990 (fax)

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