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  • The Angelic Affair in Jaipur

    Written by PETA

    M2.jpgIn sultry weather, the people of Jaipur were treated to stunning visual created by PETA India at Amar Jawan Jyoti. Holding a sign that read "Be an Angel: Sterilise Your Dogs and Cats", the lovely Miss Jaipur 2008 Shrishti Saxena was joined by two other gorgeous PETA "angels".

    Every year in India, millions of homeless cats and dogs suffer from abandonment, abuse, starvation, disease, highway death or procurement for laboratories. Wonderful, healthy, social, loveable animals lose their lives because of simple math: too many animals and not enough homes.

    You can be an angel too by getting the cats and dogs around you sterilized to break the cycle of homelessness. Sterilised animals also live healthier, longer lives and are less likely to roam, fight or bite. Take the pledge to spay and neuter (sterilise) today, and hey, don’t forget to tell us how it feels to be an angel for animals! E-mail us at and tell us what you’ve done to help fight animal homelessness.

  • Rahul Bose Urges an End to Animal Dissection for Zoology Courses

    Written by PETA

    Actor and activist Rahul Bose, from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and 15 Park Avenue, has urged the University Grants Commission to support a ban on the dissection of animals in universities zoology classes. In a letter to UGC expert committee chair, Prof. H. A. Ranganath, Rahul wrote 'Animal dissection is an outmoded approach to education that does little for students other than desensitize them about animal welfare issues, animals' ability to feel pain, and their own compassionate feelings'.

    Today, we have superior virtual dissection programs which can be used to facilitate learning. There are around fifteen universities in India that have already switched over to humane alternatives to animal dissection for teaching zoology. The reasons for their switch to these modern methods include not wanting to use animals as disposable beings and the health hazards posed by chemicals used to preserve dead animals. These chemicals are harmful and have been proven to cause cancer. Killing an animal when there is no need and harming your health while doing so are two major reasons for you to urge your university to ban animal dissection.

    It's becoming easier and easier to refuse to dissect or experiment on animals. Students around the world are asserting their right to an education that doesn't violate their ethical principles, and you can, too. Urge UGC to cut out dissection.

  • Why All the Drama?

    Written by PETA

    Jeete%20hain%20shaan%20se.jpgHave you ever gotten shampoo in your eyes? Did it sting? Imagine how much worse it would have been if you couldn’t rinse it out and someone was holding your eyes open pouring more shampoo into them. Many cosmetic and household products in the market are tested on animals despite the availability of non-animal alternatives, and we need to create all the drama we can to stop this hideous practice.

    Our friends at Ideas Unlimited have produced a play called Jeete Hain Shaan Se. This play shows how animals suffer in laboratories. The drama is staged in an laboratory, where the characters of the play are animals.

    Dr. Rat leads the pack, with Moti the stray dog, Sweetie the pug, Sughndhi the wild cat, Mangal the murga, Bhondu the pig & Chottu the rabbit. All these animals make a vibrant little family but, little do they know that their entire existence will be wiped out in Dr.Kalayankar and his assistant’s laboratory.That is fiction, but in reality, experimentation kills millions of animals every year. In fact, everything from your toothpaste to your soap may have been tested on animals. Stay tuned to our website for a list of companies that do not test on animals.

    Jeete Hai Shann Se promises to be a meaningful play. Take your friends and family to a fun-filled night to watch and then join us in creating drama against cruelty to animals.Venue: Prithvi Theatre, Juhu, MumbaiDay- 25th June 2010Timing- 6:00 PM.For Bookings- +91 9920040424

  • Animal Sacrifice is a Hideous Ritual That Must Stop!

    Written by PETA

    SAS%20logo%20Large.jpgIn an online discussion on animal sacrifice, some people on Facebook argued that animal sacrifice is justified because it has been a part of our culture. Do we even remember what culture is?

    Indian culture is defined by its values of kindness, not by cruel and outdated practices.Ancient Greeks used to believe that they could please their Gods by sacrificing animals. This hideous ritual started because humans thought it was the most convenient way to repay for their sins. The irony of this belief is that how can we get good ‘karma’ through supporting a cruel action? Have we forgotten that killing is a sin?

    The shocking news is that in Nepal last year 250,000 animals were sacrificed at the Gadhimai mela and seventy percent of the devotees who attended the festival were Indians. This hideous ritual cannot be justified at all. The great Godess Gadhimai symbolizes power and strength, so do devotees mock her by slaughtering innocent defenseless animals? It’s time we stood up against this outdated cruelty to animals. We urge you not to patronize animal sacrifice.

    Please visit our friends at to learn what you can do to stop this hideous ritual. To show your might and strength by helping animals, join the petaDishoom Street Team.

  • What Do Natalie Portman and Designer Rina Shah Have in Common? Love for Stunning Leather-Free Shoes!

    Written by PETA

    shoes.JPGLeather shoes, belts and wallets are not cool! We can give you a gazillion reasons to stop wearing leather, from cruelty concerns to environmental degradation, but if you see Natalie Portman’s shoe collection, it might be all you need to hang up the leather for good. Natalie Portman wears fake for animals’ sake. Her cruelty free shoe collection is to die for (but not literally).

    On Natalie’s birthday Rina Shah, an Indian designer, decided to give Natalie a pair of Rinaldi shoes designed especially for her. Rina’s collection is stunning, and features shoes for almost every occasion. Both these designers hope people will make a conscious decision not to wear leather.Why? Most cows, pigs, and sheep who are killed for their skin endure miserable lives on factory farms, where extreme crowding, deprivation, castration without anesthesia, branding, and dehorning are common. In India, animals used for leather are crammed onto vehicles in such high numbers that many break their bones, they suffocate or even die en route. At the slaughterhouse their throats are slit in full view of one another. Please consider the animals that suffer and die to make leather.

    If you watch PETA US' leather investigation report, like Natalie and Rina you will surely never wear leather again.Going leather-free is the right choice, so pledge never to wear leather again. Watch PETA US’ Whose Skin Are You In.

    Learn more at Whose Skin Are You In?

  • Lush Agrees:Animal Testing is Cruel

    Written by PETA

    Boy (6-9) playing with rabbitDid you know that most cosmetic products are tested on animals? Have you ever wondered how many animals suffer in labs for a bottle of shampoo? If you haven’t thought of these questions, please take this moment to ponder. Your actions could mean life or death for animals.

    Millions of animals are tortured every year in laboratories—but we can help stop this cruelty simply by buying products which are not tested on animals. Just like PETA, there are companies that believe testing on animals is cruel.

    LUSH is one such company that has launched a campaign to help educate consumers about animal testing. They will have an anti-animal testing display at every store in India to help spread the message of animal abuse. Next time you go shopping, please don’t buy products that are tested on animals. Go to the Lush store instead and buy a soap that smells and feels great!

    PETA is compiling a list of companies that do not test on animals, so stay tuned for more information. Help PETA make this world a better place for animals. Put your compassion to the test and pledge never to purchase products from corporations that abuse animals.

  • Calf embalming at vet colleges is cruel and unnecessary

    Written by PETA

    We are urging the Bombay Veterinary College and other veterinary training institutions to stop calf embalming which is commonly done in India for anatomy lessons.

    Why? The reason is simple. It is wrong to cruelly kill. Plus there are superior teaching alternatives available.

    Embalming is the process of temporarily preserving the body parts of animals by pumping chemicals into their blood vessels. It is needless to say that in the process, animals are first killed by having their throats slit, and undergo a lot pain and suffering. Their body parts are then preserved for further learning. Do medical students cut the throat of humans for learning? Oh wait, of course not, because that is considered murder. So why don’t we consider it murder when veterinary students are made to support the killing of animals for learning?

    Better, non-cruel teaching alternatives are being used by most veterinary colleges in the US, and it is a disgrace that Indian institutions are still holding on to old, archaic, unethical practices. PETA’s veterinary doctor Anuradha Srivastava has suggested that Bombay Veterinary College and other Indian veterinary institutions use clay models, ethically sourced cadavers and multimedia programs because these methods are ethical, modern and humane.

  • Sushil Kumar Can Pin Down Any Non-Vegetarian

    Written by PETA

    Olympian%20Sushil%20Kumar%20says%2C%20%27Go%20Vegetarian%27.jpgDid your mother ever tell you to finish your greens before leaving the dinner table? If so, you better start listening to mommy if you want the strength and stamina of Sushil Kumar.

    India’s star wrestler is a vegetarian hunk who can pin down almost any non-vegetarian. In a press interview with ANI he said “I am a vegetarian myself and I want to send out this message to everyone that vegetarians are powerful, they have the stamina. Look at me, I defeated non-vegetarians from America and Kazakhstan in the Olympics. So, you can see that vegetarians have a lot of strength.”

    If you still think meat eaters are stronger than vegetarians, we suggest you watch Sushil fight a non-vegetarian. Watching him beat a meat-eater will surely break the bubble of misconception. A vegetarian diet is nutritional, spiritual and above all: moral. There are several reasons for you to go veg, including protecting our environment, your health and stopping the cruelty that goes in the making of your dinner.

    Take the first step towards a vegetarian lifestyle by pledging to never inflict cruelty towards animals for food.

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