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  • IRON MAN's Villain to the Rescue of Indian Dogs and Cats

    Written by PETA

    The super villain in the worldwide smash hit Iron Man 2, Mickey Rourke, is a super hero for Indian dogs and cats. Mickey has joined hands with PETA to Dishoom animal homelessness. He has starred in an ad with the tagline “Have the Balls to Fix your Dog”.

    Did you know that there are around 25 million homeless dogs in India and not enough good homes? All of them are struggling to survive on the streets. Many of them go hungry, some are injured or killed and some are hit by vehicles or are abused by cruel people.

    PETA encourages cat or dog guardians to get their animal companions sterilized. Every time a dog or cat companion has a litter, it means fewer homes for the dogs and cats that are languishing in animals shelters or roaming the streets. Aap bhi ban sakte hai Superhero, Rakhiye Dum apne kutto ka bandhyakaran karne ka! Join Mickey Rourke and petaDishoom’s fight against animal homelessness by getting your animal companion sterilized and if you are thinking of adding a dog or cat to your family, please never buy. Be an angel by adopting a homeless animal.

  • Day of Action Against KFC is a Huge Success

    Written by PETA

    On May 16th, our volunteers made KFC managers sweat! Volunteers in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai protested against KFC’s cruelty because they know what goes in the making of a KFC Chicken Bucket. KFC’s suppliers slit the throats of conscious chickens, break the legs and wings of many of them, and run countless of them through tanks of scalding-hot water while they’re still alive. To end this cruelty our volunteers are determined to keep protesting.

    EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_03.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_02.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_01.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_04.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_05.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_06.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_07.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_08.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_09.jpg EFP_Peta-AntiKFC_10.jpg

    Copyright © 2010, Enrico Fabian

    KFC staffers tried using the bribe tactic by offering the volunteers drinks. What were they really thinking? After a failed attempt to shoo us away, they tried using force by calling the local authorities. I guess KFC has forgotten that PETA volunteers are persistent and will do whatever it takes to end cruelty to animals. The ‘C’ in KFC stands for ‘cruelty’. These animals are suffering but you can help them by joining our fight against cruelty to animals.But first, pledge never to eat at KFC again.

    If you would want to protest in your city against KFC, please e-mail us at and we will be more than happy to help you put it together.

  • Force India racers pledge never to eat foie gras

    Written by PETA

    Force India drivers and Formula One racers Vitantonio Liuzzi and Adrian Sutil have pledged never to support cruelty to birds who are cruelly force-fed and killed for foie gras. Tonio is from Italy and Adrian is from Germany, and they both are enthusiastic young drivers who represent Vijay Mallya’s team, Force India.

    For those of you who don’t know what foie gras is, the translation in English means ‘fatty liver’. It’s made by workers forcefully fattening geese and ducks by inserting metal pipes down their throats to pump grains and fat into their stomachs, causing unimaginable distress and swelling. These animals become sick and are often unable to move, leading to their death. Is this not shameful?

    Foie gras production has been banned in 16 countries, including Britain, Germany, and Israel. This surely goes to show that it is very cruel and unjust, which is why PETA will be contacting hotels and restaurants across India to urge them to establish a policy against carrying this cruel product. Urge your friends never to eat foie gras by showing them this video narrated by Kate Winslet.

  • Never Forget Elephants

    Written by PETA

    Let us wrap up our celebration of PETA India’s 10th anniversary and some of our most noteworthy victories for animals with a look at a recent win for one of our (literally) biggest animal buddies – elephants.

    Last December, we were delighted to announce that elephants currently held captive in Indian zoos and circuses will be transferred to forest camps and sanctuaries controlled by the Forest Department– and, better yet, they will no longer be kept in chains. Elephants in zoos spend their entire lives standing or shuffling about in barren enclosures, in isolation or paired with just one elephant. Often, they go insane from the lack of exercise and companionship.

    429421469_0724f690f8_m.jpg /CC BY 2.0

    The tide of public opinion is turning against keeping our pachyderm pals in captivity. Recently, PETA UK gave Europeans the inside story on what goes on in the world's biggest circus – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey – before their first-ever tour of Europe began, resulting in rock-bottom attendance at the early venues and cancellation of performances in some cities. You can help keep the pressure on circuses by urging the government to ban the use of any animals in circuses. Thanks for being a part of PETA India’s first ten years. Now we will look ever forward (at least until our next big anniversary) to all the victories we will win together on behalf of animals!

  • Zarine Khan is a real 'Veer' for animals

    Written by PETA

    ZarineKhan.jpgI confess! When I saw Zarine Khan for the first time, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I became even more enthralled with Zarine, a recent entrant in Bollywood who made her first acting debut with Salman Khan in his magnum opus film ‘Veer’, when I learned that in addition to being a great artist, this pretty girl is also an animal lover.

    Recently, Zarine rescued a badly malnourished cat from the street and rushed her to a veterinary hospital; her spontaneous decision resulted in saving the cats life. Khan adopted this cute cat and calls her ‘Softy’. This act of compassion has officially made her a ‘Veer’ to animals and this is why PETA has awarded her our Hero to Animals Award as a gesture of appreciation.

    The rescue of Softy shows that Khan's beauty is much more than skin deep! If everyone followed Khan's example and adopted a homeless Indian cat or dog, there would be far fewer animals suffering on the streets. Rescued dogs and cats make intelligent, healthy, devoted and grateful companions.

    PETA's Proud to Be Indian campaign encourages Indian people to rescue Indian animals from the Indian streets. So next time you see an injured animal that needs your help, please extend that helping hand--because your kindness could result in saving a life.

  • Nepal is a New Pal to Monkeys

    Written by PETA

    Let us keep the celebration of PETA India's 10th anniversary going with a review of some of our most notable victories for animals – and how you can help us achieve more successes as we go forward!

    Last year, after pressure from PETA and other animal protection groups, the government of Nepal announced a ban on breeding monkeys for use in laboratory experiments. Better yet, they ordered that all captive monkeys be released! This is a massive advance, but countless monkeys (and dogs, rats and other animals) are still burned, blinded, cut open, poisoned, starved and drugged behind closed laboratory doors every year for convenience and economic reasons – and because of old habits.

    346843660_9f1710da8a.jpg /CC BY 2.0

    Not only are animal tests extremely cruel, they are also completely inaccurate since animals are so different from us. Animal studies teach us nothing about the health of humans because human reactions to illnesses and medications are completely different from the reactions of other animals. The truth is that testing on animals is just plain bad science which harms humans and other animals alike.

    Do your part to help animals in labs by never ever buying products tested on animals. Click here to take the pledge that you will not purchase products from corporations that abuse animals!

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