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  • PETA India Investigation Reminds People That Fish Have Feelings, Too

    Written by PETA

    As we celebrate PETA India’s first ten years and many lifesaving accomplishments, we’re also reflecting on the many hard-hitting undercover investigations that have helped to open people’s eyes—and hearts—to animal suffering. All animals, from bulls and elephants to mice and fish, can feel pain and suffer when treated unkindly. By exposing cruelty in the food, fashion, entertainment, and experimentation industries, we are reshaping the way the country views animals.India is the third largest commercial fish killing nation in the world. Last year, PETA India launched a groundbreaking investigation of the fishing industry in India, and showed everyone just how fish suffer when they’re dragged from the ocean depths. They’re impaled, crushed, suffocated and gutted, all while they’re still conscious. Other sea animals, including dolphins, turtles, and whales, often get caught in commercial fishing nets, along with the fish, and their battered bodies are thrown overboard, where they slowly bleed to death or fall prey to swarming birds and other animals.Farmed fish fare no better. They live in polluted, toxic water, just as sea-faring fish, and the cramped, filthy ponds give them skin infections. On one farm, PETA India’s investigators couldn’t even see the fish because the water was full of faeces, drugged feed and animal corpses.

    You can help these smart, sensitive animals, who can use tools and recognize their “shoal mates,” just by pledging never to eat fish. And spread the word, “fish are friends, not food!”
  • Celina Jaitley Says 'No' to Zoos

    Written by PETA

    On behalf of PETA India, Celina Jaitley is urging Byculla Zoo authorities to transfer Laxmi and Anarkali, two elephants at the zoo, to a sanctuary, but the zoo seems to want to keep them to make ‘laxmi’. Imagine for a moment being sent to prison even though you have committed no crime. Doesn't the thought of that make your blood boil? Elephants are social living beings, and keeping them isolated and shackled frustrates them.

    Jaitley is assisting PETA with our campaign to help elephants in captivity. Celina says,

    "It breaks my heart to see them separated from their families as babies [in order to be] sentenced to a lifetime of boredom, loneliness and abuse. I applaud the CZA [for deciding] that a zoo or circus environment is wholly inadequate for elephants".


    Photo by Dharmesh Solanki, PETA India

    The fleeting pleasure that people experience while visiting zoos comes at the expense of these animals, which is why we have repeatedly urged zoo officials and government authorities to transfer the elephants to better homes. But now it's time for you to take action. Please pledge never to visit the zoo. If enough people boycott zoos, animals will be left alone in their natural habitat.

    Zoos are not homes – they are pitiful prisons. Help Celina and PETA India free Laxmi and Anarkali from the Byculla Zoo by not going to zoos ever again.


  • Shahid Kapoor Is As Beautiful Inside As Out!

    Written by PETA

    Shahid.jpgShahid Kapoor is a youth icon and an actor adored by women (and men) all around the globe. Every year PETA Asia picks the hottest compassionate vegetarian celebrity in its Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity poll, and last year, this heartthrob won the title!

    PETA recently shot an ad with this veggie superstar to promote vegetarianism which will be released later in the year. He wants everyone to know that his body is fueled by veggies and that surely keeps him fit. I surely want a body like him.

    After the photo shoot, Shahid spoke to the media about how he made a switch towards a vegetarian diet ten years back after learning about the suffering that animals endure when being raised for food. In India, animals used for meat and eggs suffer immensely. Chickens are kept in cages hardly larger than the size of their own bodies. They are then crammed into baskets or sacks, tied upside down in a bunch or thrown into vehicles on their way to slaughter. Cows, buffaloes, sheep and other animals are crammed onto vehicles for slaughter in such high numbers, many suffocate, their bones break or they die en route. At the slaughterhouse, animals are killed with dull knives in full view of each other.

    No wonder Shahid chooses not to eat eggs either and believes going veg is the right lifestyle for him. He says that according to the laws of karma, you are what you eat, and when animals suffer for our food, it comes back to us.Shahid surely is a star adored by many people--and it’s safe to say that after his work with PETA, animals will fall in love with him as well. Check back soon to see the final ad campaign once it’s released!

  • You Gotta Fight for the Write-To Party

    Written by PETA

    Like helping animals? Like hanging out with other cool people? Of course you do! So why not combine the two?

    That is just what a group of young animal advocates did recently in Chennai – they threw themselves a letter-writing party! They wrote 40 letters and postcards to decision-makers on a variety of important issues, including:

    • Asking Mr Jairam Ramesh, Minister of Environment and Forests, to put a stop to animal dissections in Indian universities.

    Calling on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to ban both cosmetics testing on animals in India and the marketing of cosmetics which were tested on animals in other countries.

    • Urging the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission to discourage local political parties and leaders from using animals in their rallies and campaigns.

    • Imploring All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to rehabilitate the monkeys, rabbits, sheep and ever-multiplying guinea pigs and rats many believed to be sick and confined to small cages – at its Central Animal Facility.


    This is a brilliant way to have fun while encouraging each other, sharing ideas, and helping animals. So a great big ‘Good Job!’ to Niranjan, Abhinav, Tanmay, Ridhi, Rini, Kavi, Dhaval, Seshant, Keerthi, Sriram and Siddharth! As for the rest of you – what are you waiting for? All you need to do to get the party started is gather some paper, pens, and your peers!

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