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  • Just Released: Pam Anderson's Seal Ad!

    Written by PETA

    Canada's most famous blonde, Pamela Anderson, has never been one to shy away from controversy or keep her opinions to herself, especially when animals are involved. So taking on the Canadian government over the country's Canada's annual seal slaughter? No problem.

    Pamela Anderson’s “Save the Seals” ad
    Pamela Anderson’s ad


    The former Baywatch beauty, who's spoken out against her homeland's cruel seal massacre numerous times in the past, is the perfect person to star in a "Save the Seals" ad series. After all, no one fills out a T-shirt like Pam!

    Each year, tens of thousands of seals, many of whom are still babies, are bludgeoned to death or shot for their fur. Some of the seals are so young they haven't even taken their first swim. Pam is calling on the Canadian government to permanently end the Canada's annual seal slaughter once and for all.

  • Levi Leipheimer's 'Save the Seals' Ad

    Written by PETA

    Top American cyclist Levi Leipheimer is never too busy to help an animal in need, so we weren't surprised when, after his Tour of California win, he took time out of his hectic training schedule for the Tour de France to shoot a "Save the Seals" ad.

    Levi Leipheimer’s “Save the Seals” ad
    Levi Leipheimer’s ad


    Having competed in races such as the Tour of Germany and the Tour de France, Levi understands the importance of using his international celebrity to spread the word about putting an end to Canada's annual seal slaughter. Says Levi, "Baby seals being skinned alive, it doesn't get worse than that."

    You can also support PETA India’s campaigns by making a donation to improve lives of thousands of animals in our country, and by joining the petaDishoom Street Team to volunteer for activities in your area.

  • Make This Diwali Fun for Animals Too

    Written by PETA

    Diwali can seem more like a terrorist attack than a festive celebration to dogs, donkeys and other animals. Noisy fireworks displays are frightening to animals, who don't realise that the explosions are entertainment, not bombardment.

    Following fireworks displays, animal shelters take in more lost companion animals than usual. Many animals run away from their homes after they become frightened by the loud noises. The lucky ones are reunited with their families, but others are never found, and some suffer serious injuries or even die as they try to escape the noise.

    We would like all you young guns to walk an extra mile to show compassion to our four legged friends:

    • Keep cats and dogs indoors during fireworks displays, and if possible, stay with them.

    • Close your windows and curtains, and turn on a radio or TV to help drown out the noise.

    • Make sure your animal companion is wearing a collar and an updated identification tag.

    • Make sure people do not throw firecrackers at animals. Ask your building's security guard to be on the lookout for people who tie lit firecrackers to the tails of dogs and other animals. Report problems to the police.

    • Whenever possible, discourage people from bursting very loud crackers – animals' hearing is far more sensitive than that of humans.

    • Keep an eye out for lost companion animals who are wearing collars and tags. Take these animals to your local animal shelter, or look after them until their home can be found.

    • Instead of ear-splittingly loud and dangerous bombs, light up your houses with diyas, lamps and other decorative ornaments that are friendly to all.

    Want to do more to help animals? Check out our five easy ways to help animals, and then sign up for the Street Team for a chance to earn free goods while helping animals.

  • Five Super Easy Tips for Helping Animals

    Written by PETA

    Here at petaDishoom, we’re all about helping animals (clearly). And we bet, since you’re on this site, that you’re all about helping animals too. Well, we want to help you out by giving you five super easy tips for helping animals (besides, going vegan, of course!):

    1) Become our fan on Facebook, then ask all your friends to become our fans too. We know this might seem too easy, but it’s a great way for you to stay up-to-the-minute on all the ways you can help animals, and you’re friends will start learning about animal rights. Can’t get much better than that!

    2) Join the Street Team! Not only will we give you regular missions to help you get active for animals, but you’ll also be able to earn free stuff while doing it. It’s a really easy win-win for everyone, especially the animals.

    3) Post AR videos all over the Internet. Video is the most powerful tool we have in the fight for animal rights, and uploading them to YouTube or posting them to Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or wherever you are online is a great way to open the eyes of everyone you know.

    4) Make the homepage of every computer that you log on to. That way, when people get online, they’ll automatically be hit with everything from the latest celeb ads and interviews to our life-changing investigations. There’s no doubt they’ll find something that appeals to them, and then they’ll be well on their way to becoming an angel for animals.

    5) Become a member by making a donation to PETA India today. There’s a lot of cruelty to animals in this world, but with your help, we can keep up the fight to eliminate animal abuse in India.

    Those are just five quick examples of how you can help animals. Have more ideas for your fellow activists about how they can help animals? Share them in the comments below. It will take great ideas from all of us to win the fight for animal rights!

  • Veggie Confessions of a PETA staffer

    Written by PETA

    Being born into a family where everybody was non-vegetarian, eating meat was something I was used to – that is, until I was about 7 years old, when I suddenly had a change of heart and decided to give up non-vegetarian food one fine day. At the time, my mom just thought it one of those days when kids get cranky and say things.

    Initially, even I didn't know whether it was a decision I would stand by all my life, since I was only 7 years old then. But being the spiritual person that I am, it had to be a natural progression.

    Little did I know that destiny would have me join PETA India soon after my graduation at the age of 19.

    During my interview, when asked by PETA India's chief functionary, Anuradha Sawhney, if I was a vegetarian, I promptly replied, saying, "You cannot teach what you don't practice". That was the day that I knew this was a life-long decision.


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