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  • New Investigation Showing Cruelty at Circuses

    Written by PETA

    In 2009, PETA US went undercover at "the saddest show on Earth"—Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus—and captured Ringling workers on video as they beat and whipped elephants dozens of times in venues across the country.

    PETA US’s investigator traveled with Ringling’s Red Unit and documented routine, systemic abuse of elephants and tigers at the hands of multiple Ringling workers, including an animal superintendent, a Ringling head elephant trainer, and other Ringling trainers, handlers, and workers. The investigator also documented stereotypic behavior, which is typically seen in animals who are suffering from extreme stress caused by lack of anything to do, inability to move around, severe frustration, and desolation.

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    Unfortunately, cruelty to animals used in circuses can be found all over the world, including in India. To help animals here, please take a moment to write to the Ministry of Environment and Forests and ask them to ban the use of animals in circuses.

  • King of Pop's First Hit Could Help Rats.

    Written by PETA

    Since Michael Jackson's recent passing, there have been hundreds of news stories ranging from how he influenced just about every musician performing today to how he's responsible for the Academy's recent decision to allow 10 nominations for “Best Picture” (no, really! ). It got us thinking: What if Michael's music could be used to help animals?

    PETA US has written to Michael Jackson's estate asking for the rights to the singer's first solo hit, "Ben," which was written for the 1972 film of the same name. This beautiful song is about the friendship between a lonely boy and a rat named Ben, and we're hoping to use it to raise awareness about the plight of rats and other animals tormented in laboratory experiments.

    Mice and rats make up the vast majority of animals used in experiments, but because they are small rodents, they are being used without any restriction and proper handling and housing facilities. Part of the message of "Ben" is that rats are frequently misunderstood. (For example—did you know that rats and mice are fastidiously clean, intelligent, and highly sociable animals—they even giggle!) In the song, Jackson sings:

    Ben, most people would turn you awayI don't listen to a word they say They don't see you as I do I wish they would try to.

    We hope our affiliates at PETA US will be able to use this song to inspire people to understand rats a little better. Join us in our endeavor to make this world a better place for rats by taking a pledge to never use products tested on animals and pass our testing 123 video to your friends to share this information with them

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