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  • Metakix "Kicks" Animal Abuse

    Written by PETA

    METAKIXS%201.jpgMetakix’s Viresh, Zomb, Nicky, and Sheldon at the IIT Roorkee fest sporting petaDishoom t-shirts to promote animal rights among their fans. Metakix recently sat down with petaDishoom to talk about their thoughts on animal rights, wildlife protection, and the responsibility we all have to protect animals. You can read the whole interview on

  • THEM CLONES support PETA Youth at Oasis 2007

    Written by PETA


    THEMCLONES, Delhi based band, showed their support for animals at the recently concluded OASIS festival of BITS Pilani. Dev, the drummer, sported the petaDishoom Tee (now PETA Youth), while the lead singer spoke about how important it is to support animals and held up a banner to the crowd. The banner read, ‘THEM CLONES ROCK WITH PETA Youth’. Keep checking for more information on celebrities who support PETA Youth, and don’t forget to sign-up to be a PETA Youth activist.

  • TALAASH Support PETA Youth

    Written by PETA

    TALAASH%20Band.jpgPopular hindi band, TALAASH, was headlining at the recently concluded TECHTRIX festival at DJ Sanghvi College. Apart from being excellent musicians, TALAASH also is a very compassionate towards animals. During their performance, they took time to talk about how important it is to support animals and encourage their fans to log onto to get active for animals.

    You too can get involved. Sign up to be a PETA Youth activist and get active for animals.

  • VAYU Rocks at anECHO and Rediff Launch

    Written by PETA

    Vayu.jpgVAYU, popular animal friendly Indian rock band, yet again dazzled fans with an unplugged performance. At a recently held launch party of the anECHO and Rediff association, VAYU performed to a crowd of cheering supporters. anECHO and Rediff launched a platform for non commercial musicians across India. The platform is set up to allow budding musicians to upload their music and share it for others to hear. What is very special about this platform is that it supports animal protection and You should check out the website and check out the bottom right corner of the page, and tell us if you spot something.

  • PARIKRAMA rocks at Kaleidoscope

    Written by PETA

    Parikrama.jpgPARIKRAMA, outstanding compassionate band, thrilled scores of crazed female fans at Sophia Colleges annual cultural festival, KSCOPE. Nitin Malik, lead singer, spoke about PETA Youth during their performance on stage. He urged all his fans to log onto and get active for animals.

  • PETA's Cow Mascot 'Radha' Wishes Amitabh Bachchan on His Birthday

    Written by PETA

    jaya%20and%20cow%201.jpgPETA’s cow mascot ‘Radha’ gave a vegan cake and flowers to Amitabh Bachchan on his birthday. PETA loves Amitabh Bachhan as he is vegetarian and has won PETA’s hottest vegetarian online contest 3 times in a row!Why are so many hotties ‘vegging out’ these days? For animals (cows, chickens and buffaloes suffer horribly at the hands of the meat industry), for the environment (the meat trade is the single greatest polluter on the planet) and for their health (meaty diets promote cancer, heart disease and diabetes, all of which plague Indians) – not to mention that vegetarians are noticeably slimmer and trimmer than their flesh-eating counterparts.

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