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  • PETA Activists Urge CM to Ban Elephants From Cities and Get Arrested!

    Written by PETA

    Traffic stopped when PETAs elephant accompanied by activists carried an eight foot long petition urging the Maharashtra Chief Minister to ban elephants from the streets of Mumbai.

    PETA has initiated a signature campaign to urge the CM to ban the entry of elephants in Mumbai following the death of the elephant who was hit by a truck in Chembur. Elephants belong in the wild, not in Mumbai. But the police were prompt to round us up for disrupting peace and for supposedly causing a traffic jam at the Gateway and we were taken to the Colaba Police Station - as was our elephant. But after a bit of drama, the Chief Inspector granted us permission to continue our signature campaign.

    N. G. Jayasimha of PETA India told press Where are the police when the animals are killed on the roads? They have the time to arrest us. But they cant arrest those who make elephants walk and beg on hot tar roads in the city?Well said!

  • Nikhil Chinappa Supports PETA Youth at Kaleidoscope

    Written by PETA

    PETA Youth attended Sophia Colleges Annual fest Kaleidoscope 2006. Volunteers signed up with PETA Youth and sported stickers on their t-shirts. You too can get involved. Come join our Street Team and help fight animal abuse.

    MTV Hottie VJ, Nikhil Chinappa was at Kaliedoscope too and he showed his support for PETA Youth. While shooting on the Sophia College campus for MTV Super Select, he sported a PETA t-shirt while hosting a segment of the show. You too can win free t-shirts. Check out our missions

  • Jumbo Tale

    Written by PETA

    Here is another horrific tale of a poor elephant, stolen from her home in the wild, and made to work in the city, away from her family and all that is natural to her.

    A 25-year-old elephant, Laxmi, was knocked down by a speeding water tanker on the Sion-Trombay Road in Mumbai. Laxmi suffered a fracture in her hind leg.

    A passerby informed PETA India of the accident and N G Jayasimha, our Coordinator for Campaigns & Legal Affairs, rushed to the spot. It took nearly six hours before veterinarians, the police, fire brigade and locals managed to put Laxmi onto a truck to take her to the BSPCA hospital. She is recuperating now.

  • SCRIBE supports petaDishoom

    Written by PETA

    SCRIBE from Mumbai supports petaDishoom. Band members Srinivas and Niraj are vegetarian and each member supports animal protection.

    In their latest gig at Razz in Mumbai on the 3rd, they sported petaDishoom t-shirts. If you were not there, you miss a super performance. To learn how you can get your own petaDishoom t-shirt, check out our missions

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